The sincere reaction of the president of the Curaçao Federation for the match against Argentina

The Argentine National Team will first play against Panama and then against a curious rival: Curaçao. The friendly match will take place at the Santiago’s Unique Mother of Cities Stadium del Estero on March 28. Precisely the president of the Federation of the country that belongs to South America, came out to give a press conference explaining what they felt when facing the albiceleste.

We are proud to take a leap to the next level, it is an honor to be invited by FIFA to participate in a friendly against the Argentine National Team, they are the world champions”, began by saying Ramiro Griffith.

“In principle we wanted to keep it secret, but the rumors buzzed and now we are proud to be able to officially announce it. This is the highest level we have reached, it is an honor that Argentina, during its celebration, can invite countries like Panama and our Island of Curaçao, is something very beautiful”added.

And on the same line I add: “The first time they contacted us, it gave us chills, we couldn’t believe it. Like many of us, we thought it was fake news. But when the president of the AFA called and the exchange of emails began, luckily we learned Spanish at school and things were moving fast.”


Then I touch on the subject of step And how will the game be? The experience that our players live will never be forgotten again in life. It is something that you have to take back to your country and share with your people. We will not only go to play a match, we will also observe their professionalism, how they will prepare things, how they will perform them and also how to play. We will try to make an analysis of how your system works. We speak from the structure, the academies, how they play, their systems and if it can be adapted to the country of Curaçao. We will try to grow at the expense of this experience, we will seek to attract new players since they want to measure themselves against the best.”

“We will work hard to bring the match to all the people of Curaçao. Because for us it is an honor that a country like this has such an opportunity, it is a unique experience. It is not measured by size, it is measured by heart“, closed.