The secrets of the Caribbean that scientists seek in Hemingway’s notebooks

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  • BBC World, Havana

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Hemingway lived at Finca Vigía, in Cuba, between 1939 and 1960.

It is usually a tourist destination, but a few days ago Finca Vigía, the house of American writer Ernest Hemingway in Havana, received two special guests: the novelist’s grandsons, John and Patrick, who traveled to Cuba to celebrate the 60th anniversary of that his grandfather received the Nobel Prize for Literature.

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Hemingway loved to fish.

And with them came a group of marine scientists from the United States who also have an interest in Hemingway’s writings.

But not in his novels, like “The Old Man and the Sea,” but in his diaries and fisherman’s notebooks on the Cuban coast.

In them they believe that they can find key data to study the evolution of the populations of some species of fish in the Caribbean.