The president of the Spanish League will rule out Barcelona for the possible return of Messi

The president of the Spanish LaLiga, javier thebesreiterated today that he would “like” an eventual return of Lionel Messi to Barcelona but the club must comply with economic control.

“Here you don’t see if they bring the documentation for Leo Messi or Kylian Mbappé. It is not seen, as they say, if for Messi in LaLiga they open his wide sleeve. What is clear is that there is economic control and to incorporate players you have to comply with it”, assured thebes within the framework of an institutional act.

Then, when asked for a comparison with the Premier league English, the Spanish soccer leader once again referred to the figure of the Argentine captain and his hypothetical salary at the club cule.

“I don’t remember the last Ballon d’Or he played in the Premier. The best players have stayed in Spain. And now I read that the best player in the history of football wants to play in Spain again, even charging less. If he comes back, he will earn less than at PSG, ”said Tebas.

A week ago, the president of the entity that regulates Spanish clubs had said that he saw the return of Messi due to the financial problems of the institution.

Barcelona has to make a very high cost containment effort. You have to do credible things. We do not speak if it is Messi or not. I would particularly like Messi to come but in LaLiga you don’t look at whether he comes or not“, complete.