The president of River agreed with Herrera’s decision: “For me it was well received”

After the triumph of Silver river in the latest edition of the Superclásico, Jorge Brito regretted the incidents that occurred towards the end of the match and classified the reaction of the players from Mouth after the provocations of Agustín Palavecino.

The top manager of the millionaire team was satisfied with the work carried out by Martín Demichelis, who took office at the end of last year. “We knew that the post Gallardo was going to be complicated because of what Marcelo had been for eight and a half years, but from the moment Martín arrived he was able to enter the group very well from the human side.”

Regarding one of the controversies of the commitment, Brito said that the penalty was well awarded. “It seems to me that there is contact and it is within the area, then we can go into detail about whether or not they are charged, whether it is the last minute. As far as I know, the regulation does not differ in what minute the foul is to define whether or not it is a penalty”, sure.

Regarding the attitude that Palavecino had, he maintained that he is an intelligent footballer and that he will surely learn from everything that happened. “I didn’t like it at all when I saw what had happened, many times it happens to all of us that the fan comes out from within and we do something that can annoy the other. That is when we have to be clearer about the limits”closed.