The phrase “Chacarita was enlarged” turns 75

Chacarita was enlarged”, says a mother to her son who has an excellent report card, or a friend to another who fulfills his most cherished dream. Or a boss who lowers his head to an employee who asks for a raise because he thinks he deserves it. Finally, we are talking about a phrase very widespread among the Argentines which has a very precise origin and turns 75 this Tuesday, May 9, which is used to indicate that someone, for a moment, feels more important or powerful of what it really is.

If we ask the artificial intelligence, which is so fashionable in recent times, vaguely indicates something of the growth of the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Chacarita. Many others assume that it is related to the title of Metropolitan Champion that the club obtained in 1969 by beating River Plate 4-1, just a couple of years after the hegemony of the big five in the professional era of Argentine soccer was broken.

The publication of the newspaper Noticias Gráficas that originated the phrase “Chacarita was enlarged”

It was even said that it was originated by pepe biondithe great comedian who entertained young and old half a century ago on the Channel 13 screen, motivated by that title of champion.

However, the phrase originated much earlier. Like the greatness of Chacarita Juniors, the most fanatical tricolor fans would limit. Its origin is in the title of a newspaper, to reflect an extraordinary triumph of Chaca against Boca Juniors, on the wooden court that the tricolors had in 1948 in Villa Maipú, and which has been made of cement since 2011.

It happened one afternoon 75 years ago, a time when the first “greats” of Argentine soccer shared the glory, and the rest could barely celebrate the occasional victory.

Chacarita Juniors kept the classic and beat Atlanta 3-0

It was in the Buenos Aires town of San Martín, that Chaca received Boca Juniors, on May 9, 1948 for the fourth date of the Championship and the local, with great effort, had taken a 2-0 lead 15 minutes into the game. second time.

Quickly mario boye He gave Boca hope, discounting two minutes later. But the “movie” match would begin when 25 minutes into that second half, the funeral goalkeeper, Segundo Díaz, began to play as left wing due to being injured, something common in those times, so as not to leave the field. The goal was occupied by striker Marcos Busico.

It seemed that the draw for the xeneizes would be inevitable, even more so when there were 10 minutes to go, the English referee david gregroy (who the AFA had hired along with 7 other British judges to avoid suspicions that weighed on the Argentine referees) gave him a penalty, by hand of carlos spinelli. He kicked the “Atómico” Boyé and hit the post. However, the funeral joy ended shortly: due to invasion of the area, the referee decided to kick again.

Fifty years have passed since the game in which Chacarita Juniors “danced” against Bayern Munich

All the Chaca players protested and Umberto De Lucas it was exceeded. He was sent off for insulting and assaulting the referee. But the first miracle happened. Boyé’s second shot also hit the post. And in the 10 minutes that remained, with one less player on the field and with an injured person who did not participate in the game, the undertakers through their scorer francisco bellwho turned 23 that day, rounded off three more goals and rounded off a historic 5-1 win over Boca, which they never managed to repeat.

Well, what title can be given to such a feat? A morning spoke of a game for the Chacaritenses “tell your grandchildren”. But Graphic News Was beyond. It was a tabloid-size evening newspaper, owned by La Nación, published since 1931 and competed with La Razón and Crítica with two editions, 5th and 6th. Noticias Gráficas titled “Chacarita was enlarged”.

Was Ernesto Cherquis Bialó who gave the name and surname to the author of the phrase that has become so popular for 75 years. In a note on infobae.comThe respected journalist recalled that “while I was completing a blessed internship at Noticias Gráficas in 1962 as a student at the Círculo School of Sports Journalism, I was lucky enough to hear the story of “Chacarita was enlarged” told by the Head of Sports at that time, Mauro Galli, author of the success”, he wrote.

Chacarita Juniors, the neighborhood team that danced for Bayern Munich, turns 117

“(…) Galli narrated what happened in May ’48. Chaca played in his San Martin stadium against Boca and directed one of the 8 English referees hired by the AFA: David Gregory, a teacher at the Belgrano Day School at the same time. (…) The newsroom took the game by listening to Fioravanti’s broadcast on Splendid radio, although he had a reporter on the pitch who would write his comment a day later, ”says Cherquis.

Everyone thought that logic would apply once again and Boca would prevail, that Chaca’s men, outnumbered, were not going to hold on. “Bye, I said and to save time I ordered: prepare a title: “Boca defeated Chacarita”, Galli said. The regent of the workshop quickly went up, hurrying: “And, do we have the title?, he asked. Yes, he is preparing these two. And he added another: “Faced with the power of Boca, Chacarita succumbed”, continues the evocation of the journalist.

But Chaca “grew up” and ended up thrashing 5-1. And Cherquis hits the key with the end of the story “It was then that the manager of the workshop came and yelled at me” I have two armed titles but they are of no use to us, did you see? Chacarita was enlarged ”. And I responded immediately – Mauro Galli emphasized – “that’s the title, come on, that’s the title”. And it was left: “Chacarita was enlarged.” In the title of Noticias Gráficas, and in the daily speech of Argentines.

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