The message from Cavani’s brother that excites the fans of Boca: “Come, Pela”

With just one Instagram story and three words, Christian Cavani, Edinson’s brotherThe expectations of all the fans of Mouth. On his account, Christian uploaded a picture of Bullfighter with xeneize’s shirt and the phrase “Come here, Pela!”

In a matter of minutes, the story that could only be viewed at first by his followers since his account is private, began to go viral in the different media and revolutionized the Boca World.

This occurred while the information came from Spain that the 36-year-old striker did not show up for training in Valencia. So, will Cavani arrive at Boca in this transfer market? The reality is that there is optimism, but also a lot of caution in La Ribera.

Juan Román Riquelme has already met with the Uruguayan’s agentsHe presented him with the offer to join the club and made it clear that Xeneize will not compensate Valencia, meanwhile, The representation of the Uruguayan must be in charge of negotiating with the Spanish club to terminate his contract and from there the doors of La Bombonera will open wide for your arrival.