The long march into the dead end

writes Oberdan Rocamora
Copywriting starspecial

peronist superstitions

“Only from Peronism can Argentina be governed”.
At the end of the four-year term, the Third Radical Government – chaired by Mauricio MacriThe Exterminating Angel – pierced the fundamental superstition of Peronism.
It is possible to pierce another fundamental superstition.
“A Peronist government can only be interrupted by military coups”. Like in 1955 or 1976.
Without advancing the democratic surrender. Like the radical Raúl Alfonsín, El Providencial (1989).
Or climb into the helicopter like the radical Fernando De la Rúa, The Perfect Betrayed (2001).
The government of La Doctora -who presides over Alberto FernandezThe Unpopular Poet- persists with insufficient palliatives to approach the end.
Or even the irresponsibility of the STEP. Useless election that scandalously finances the Phrygian Cap.
While the coins are counted for a cortado en jarrito, in the midst of the lack of control of the deteriorated society.
The State, Phrygian Cap, today is sustained with the juggling of sergio masaThe professional.
Variety artist who balances on a tightrope to avoid disaster.
Magic tricks before the spectators fed up with the circus of decadence.

Kirchnerism is going for a management pact with Alberto Fernández to face the campaign

Failure as a unifying element

“Dead end, dead end or dead end”.
Translation of “cul de sac” (confirm on Google or Wikipedia).
Labyrinth with no “up” where to escape. Argentina crossing the long march at the dead end.
With reciprocal attributions of blame, two broken coalitions -Frente de Todos and Juntos por el Cambio- reproduce circular grudges with shocking frivolity.
In Front the president and the vice detest each other without hiding it.
In Together Mauricio and Horacio despise each other
although they mitigate the differences with smiling photographs.
The broken coalitions feel drilled by the irresistible advance of Javier Milei, El C-Boy.
With very little, Milei overwhelmed them. Substantial animator of the most damaging elections in memory.
The effective Front to end macrismo in 2019.
Hoy Juntos is proposed as the effective instrument to end the pathological Kirchnerism in 2023. And repeat the epic of 2015.
Failure works as the unifying element of broken coalitions.
Confronting leaders – The Doctor and the Angel – capitulate without enthusiasm. They resist leading deteriorated teams.
They are again, without nobility, reciprocally functional. To give Lula the title of “regional leader” for free.

Macri and Larreta

horse paradox

In the Front the conflict between language and action coexists. Between the story with the deplorable facts that the insolvent vulgarity generates.
It culminates with zafarrancho. The Vice Doctor faced the empty president that she invented.
But it leaves him with the institutional hardware store that the Phrygio Cap provides and the institutional hardware store of the Justicialista Party as a garage.
Meanwhile, the one who rules is Massa. He risks reiterating in 2023 the paradox of Domingo Cavallo of 2001.
The courage of those who take charge of the disaster in full cul de sac.
To be stamped in history as the privatizer of the catastrophe he wanted to avoid.
Cavallo was never able to get out of the playpen. Today Massa appears as guilty even of the drought.

Domingo Cavallo with everything against Cristina Kirchner: from “she served coffee” to “she was jealous and was escracharme”

Schizophrenia sharpens contradictions.
The Doctor gets away with the story and ignores Alberto. She is sent against the agreement with the Fund for maintaining “inflationary and recessive” recipes.
Simultaneously Sergio crosses himself before the Fund to procure dollars that make it possible to continue the march in the impasse.
Those who adhere to the anti-colonial story do not have a cucumber to do with the marks of reality that Sergio makes up.
They can be understood by Daniel Scioli, Leader of the Air and Sun Line, who maintains the optimism of the rematch.
Another option, Eduardo de Pedro, El Wado, rises to face the free election. But he threatens to score another more popular Sergio as well.
Of course it’s Sergio Berni, Alan Ladd.
Or Juan Grabois, El Santo, who calmly describes Massa as a “shitper”. Without having to bank “another Alberto”.

John Grabois
John Grabois


In the drill Together, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, Geniol, since he put Mauricio to sleep he feels relieved. As safe as loose and almost happy.
Since he vaccinated Mauricio, Geniol begins to feel like a “boss.”
He doesn’t even care anymore Diego SantilliEl Vermellón, is the only candidate of the Mutual PRO in La Provincia Inviable.
He prefers to crush the daring applicants of the lady with votes for Santilli patricia bullrichThe Mountain of Good.
As joaquin de la torreThe Width of San Miguel, or javier iguacelMiami division.
And comfortable with a recursive Xanax a Cristian RitondoEl Potro, original Peronist (like Santilli).
The affected Potro was left homeless when Mrs. María Eugenia Vidal, Girondo’s Flower Girl, joined the wave of getting off (like Mauricio, Alberto and, indeed, La Doctora).
Nor does Larreta encourage a single candidate for the Maxikiosco. Fernán Quirós, El Tío Bueno, chosen to dispatch profitable cigarettes and furtive chocolates.
The exclusive beneficiary of the pandemic. For the persuasive argument, excellently complemented by the kind face of a generous uncle.
From a sensitive doctor who gives away medicinal samples and greets those in charge of buildings that are vacant.
Quirós’s difficulty consists in the lack of passion for campaigning.


Mauricio simulates his fury just between the photos. To the shrewd cousin, Jorge Boga Macri, Palate Negro I, suddenly the condition of a black palate mercifully turns against him.
While Boga got used to building the unscathed radical Martín Lousteau, Wilde’s Character, as a rival, Horacio decided to frontally empower Quirós, El Tío Bueno.
For lack of present, Mauricio predicts a “good future” for Vidal in the next government.
The pretext of the future often exacerbates the unfortunate present.
The heavy burden of being Mauricio’s favorite also turns against Patricia.
From the broken coalition, La Montonera del Bien feels strong to beat Larreta in the rigorously wrong STEP.
But with whom Patricia competes, in reality, it is with Milei, The Driller who stung the brains of Juntos with the recognition of Patricia and Mauricio.
To drill unceremoniously even Horacio. And to the radical progressives with a strong vice-presidential vocation.
The culture that Facundo Manes, Cisura de Rolando -from his own cul de sac- tries to combat romantically.
To go with the “epic forward”. Although it wears out in the turns that invariably plant it in the same place.

Jorge Macri promises “to be a PRO candidate” in the City of Buenos Aires “whoever goes”

russian roulette

Record the sentence of the portal: «Argentina’s problem is not economic. It is structurally political. When politics is ordered, the economy accommodates itself.
It is necessary to suspend -with the aim of eliminating- the ridiculous PASO of August 2023.
And go straight to the first round in October. Although they are reluctant to accept it, all the protagonists will need a quarter to order.
The eventual disclosure of the fragmentation should be welcome to put an end to the false bolero of the unit.
Until today, the PASO will be celebrated. When the Confederation of United Provinces for Accounting has already resolved the territorial issue.
The only passion that interests them, healthy, to the governors.
Hardly any statesman in the Confederation is going to give a damn about the differences between Larreta and Bullrich.
From Grabois or Scioli. The fate of Miguel Pichetto, El Lepenito, Mrs. Elisa Carrió, La Bien Pagá, or Facundo Manes will matter less.
The national question today is the exclusive responsibility of the two versions of Buenos Aires. The Inviable Province and the Autonomous Artifice or Maxikiosco.
It corresponds to mitigate the uncertainty of the deadly transition between the STEP (to tear down) and the handover of power in December.
It is indeed a Russian roulette. Playful incitement to institutional suicide. While society breaks down between the disaster of the economy and the long march into the dead end.
And from the dead end. The dead end. Or with an exit that induces the attraction of the abyss.

To be continue

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