The inexplicable comment published by Toti Pasman after Messi’s debut at Inter Miami

Lionel Messi had a great debut in the victory of the Miami Interopen the Blue Cross duel corresponding to the group stage of the League Cup. The Argentine was supportive in the game and also scored a great goal on an unforgettable day.

On social networks, several fans of the flea praised the performance of the Argentine soccer player. But not everyone applauded him, since a rather particular tweet that ignited the controversy went viral.

Toti Pasman, who on several occasions criticized LionHe expressed a totally different look than the one presented by the fans of the world champion.

“Great goal, but it wasn’t a foul”, It was the message that the communicator wrote on the bird’s social network. This fact was immediately criticized by several users who did not hesitate to respond.

When will Lionel Messi’s next match with Inter Miami be?

Messi’s team’s game will be played next Tuesday, July 25, in a game in which they will be facing their similar Atlanta United.