The enigmatic message from Rafa Di Zeo to Patricia Bullrich: “It seems you forgot about the past”

rafael dizeo It was in the news in recent days because in the mediations of La Bombonera posters appeared making reference to the fact that the head of the brava bar of Mouth will run in the next elections xeneize in December of this year where the members will elect the new authorities of the club.

With the news confirmed, the one that came out with the tip caps was patricia bullrich who criticized the application of say zeo and the historic boss of the Boquense paravalancha did not sit idly by and rejected the pre-candidate for president of the Nation: “It seems you forgot about the past“.

Di Zeo is going to be a candidate for president of Boca. A barrabrava as president of Boca? Is that what we want as a model country??”, Shooting Bullrich.

And also the former Minister of Defense added: “We use the ‘Safe Tribune’ program and for this reason, Di Zeo did not enter the field and in April he did. Notice the difference.”

Di Zeo’s response to Bullrich

In this sense, say zeo he did not stay crossed and answered Bullrich:”duckling Bullrich, I really can’t believe that I’m the winning card you have for an election. The truth is incredible, it seems that you forgot about the past, huh“.

“The minister who does her job, who does it wrong. She plays politics and has to worry more about everything that is happening in the country in terms of security. She prejudges me and persecutes me. She is only worried about me,” he said say zeo at the time when he wanted to witness a match of an international nature and did not abandon it.