The disappointment of Santi Maratea in a survey for the collection in Independiente

santi maratea has become one of the characters of the moment by carrying out the commendable task of collecting money in independent to help the club in its difficult financial situation as a result of the numerous debts it maintains.

The influencer did a survey on his personal account instagram where they asked their followers if they would contribute money to give the Avellaneda club a hand.

“Before putting the links, Answer honestly to understand who can put 4,000 pesos and who can’t. I know that there are people who put in and are going to put up again, people who didn’t put in and are going to do it, and people who won’t,” he said.

maratea He added four options for his followers to vote: I already put and I’m going to put it again”, “I already put it and I’m not going to put it again”, “I didn’t put it, but now I’m going to put it”, I did not put nor will I put ”.

The results were not as expected by the influencer since half of the votes went to option D (I did not put nor will I put). This means that 51% of those who chose chose not to contribute money to independent.

The new update of the collection in Independiente

The collection of money by santi maratea to help Independiente in its severe economic situation is still standing and in a new update the influencer reported that 701,471,348 pesos had been collected until Tuesday.

The 30-year-old explained that half of the money owed to the mexico america for the pass of Cecilio Dominguezpayment that independent he must leave to lift the inhibition of incorporating players.