The conflict continues: Sebastián Villa will once again intimidate Boca

The legal conflict between sebastian villa and Mouth juniors Added a new chapter. The front presents a new intimidation to the club with the excuse that it is not having minutes while seeking to keep the pass in his possession to continue his career abroad after the first instance conviction he received for coercive threats and aggravated minor injuries for mediating gender violence against his ex-partner.

The player prepares a new document card in which They will demand that he train again at the same level as the group and that he can play matches. In addition, they will inform that If this situation is not reversed, it may require freedom of action.

In any case, Boca’s position would continue to be the same as it has been for a long time: that the decision not to be called up is exclusively the coach’s and that they gave him all the tools to continue training.

Yes ok Last week Villa worked apart from the group in the gym with Jan Hurtadostriker who is relegated and returned from a loan recently, from the xeneize They maintain that it was only due to the work diagrammed by the physical trainers.

How the conflict between Villa and Boca began

After being sentenced to two years and one month in prison, the 27-year-old striker left for Colombia with the authorization of justice, and sought to be released from action by means of a document letter that he sent claiming that if he was not reinstated in the next few days he would be considered free.

At Xeneize they always argued that at no time did they prevent the player from continuing to train and that, meanwhile, the decision to remove his things from the property and go to his country was his.

That is why he exposed this in Justice and they responded to Villa intimidating him to appear again in Ezeiza, which he did a week and a half ago. In any case, it is a fact that he will not put on the Boca shirt again.