The City “washes the face” of Retiro: enhancement and grinder to numerous illegal stalls

The Government of Buenos Aires began this weekend a work plan for rearrangement in the public space in Retiro with the aim of improving the circulation of the 200,000 people who move daily in that area where the train stations, subways and more than 28 bus lines arrive.

The tasks, carried out jointly by the Ministries of Security, and Public Space and Urban Hygiene and the Secretary of Transportation and Public Works, are intended to recover, order and maintain the environment to make it safer.

It will be guaranteed that 4,500 square meters of sidewalks will be intervened, where a perimeter fence will already be placed, and the stops of the transfer center with electrical installation and fine-tuning of furniture. The structures of the Av. Antártida Footbridge will also be painted and the railings will be repaired.

The works that will be carried out are:

  • 100% LED lighting will be reinforced. The double luminaires in the central docks of Avenida Ramos Mejía will be replaced by clovers with 4 luminaires in 9-meter columns. Work will also be done on pedestrian lighting in existing columns on Avenida del Libertador (on the railway sidewalk).

  • There will be a specific hygiene plan for the Avenida Ramos Mejía route where the collection service was doubled, containers will be relocated, there will be hydro-washing tasks on sidewalks and roads.

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  • Newspaper and flower stalls that are not in good condition will be replaced and maintained.

  • The road and the entire horizontal demarcation will be repaved over 9 blocks of Avenida Ramos Mejía. And patching and horizontal demarcation tasks will be carried out on Avenida del Libertador.

  • Plaza Canada and its surroundings will also be intervened, with provision and placement of grass (6,000 m2), replacement of trees (37 banana trees, 17 tipas and 23 jacarandas), replacement of plants (550 foxtail), leveling, replacement of stone granza and embankment green landscaped.

  • Before the start of the works, in addition, there was cleaning and unclogging of elements in the pluviocalacal area.

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With the works completed there will also be a greater presence of security forces in the area.

“It does not go anymore” to the illegal positions

The City Government shared a video on the networks in which part of the Retiro enhancement tasks were shown and in the clip you can see how City Police officers kidnapped conservatives with ice and different drinks, which They are the ones that usually sell the Street sellers in the streets surrounding the station.

The movement of passengers while the work is being done

While the work is carried out, 7 bus stops on lines 28, 70, 75, 92, 100, 101 and 150 will be moved, as well as those for taxis.

So that pedestrians can circulate safely, two lanes will be assigned along Ramos Mejía Avenue and only the lateral accesses of the San Martín and Belgrano Norte railways will remain enabled. It is worth remembering that the Miter Line reduced its route due to works and does not reach the Retiro station.

Simultaneously, the city arranged more than 50 traffic agents for vehicle ordering. They will be on the street from 6:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. along with 28 awareness raisers, in charge of providing information to pedestrians.

The work is part of the Comprehensive Plan for Improvements in Transfer Centers, whose objective is to improve the travel experience of more than one million passengers. In parallel, work is also being done on improvements in the Constitución, Liniers and Sáenz centers.

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