The blue dollar closed higher and touched its all-time high of $357

The blue dollar He had his third consecutive wheel in rises and closed in his all-time high of $357 for sale. The last time the informal currency was quoted at this price was on Wednesday, December 28.

The Marginal currency touched an intraday record of $360 at the start of the round but then the rise moderated, and in some provinces the price exceeded that maximum and reached $363. So far this month, it accumulates a rise of $15 or 3.2% in January. In addition, the exchange gap with the wholesale exchange rate was 97.9%.

Meanwhile, the Central Bank (BCRA) ended the day with purchases for some US$12 million in the market and reached a favorable balance of US$76.5 million in January due to its intervention in the market.

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For their part, the financial dollars distanced themselves from the blue. In this sense, the MEP remains the cheapest in the market and the Cash with Settlement (CCL) is more than $20 below the marginal currency. In the porter’s bag the CCL rose 30 cents and traded at $334.27 and the gap with the wholesaler is 85.3%, while the dollar bag lost 30 cents and traded at $326.87with a gap with the wholesaler of 81.2%.

For market operators, the rise is caused by a readjustment of the price against inflation and it does so through sudden jumps at certain times of the year to later settle in intermediate prices between the floor and the ceiling of the previous rise. according to Argentine News.

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New drop in country risk

The country risk hardly moves and remains below 2,100 basis points. The index prepared by the consulting firm JP Morgan fell only 0.3% and stood at 2,070 bp.

Mixed Tuesday on Wall Street

The National stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange trade as many downs as ups. Ternium’s papers showed the most important rises with 4.6%. Conversely, Transportadora Gas del Sur showed the most pronounced fall with 3.6%, followed by Central Puerto with 2.2%

The papers of the Banking entities listed practically everything in green. The shares of Banco Supervielle grew by 1.6%, those of Banco Macro by 1.3% and those of Grupo Financiero Galicia by 1.2%. The only exception are those of BBVA that sank by 0.5%.


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