The arrival of Facundo Farías at Inter Miami is complicated

He Bury miami He does not stop in the search for names to best reinforce his squad and thus be able to surround his greatest figure, lionel Messi.

Besides adding to sergi Busquets, jordi Sunrise and the polls by Luis Suarez and Andres Iniesta The club of David beckham and José further they broaden the spectrum and look for young figures in Argentine soccer.

The first footballer in the portfolio, for which negotiations quickly advanced, was facundo fariasthe jewel of Colon that at the time he intended River and Mouth. When it seemed that the 20-year-old striker would join the squad of Gerardo Martin a problem would delay your.

The intention of the club miami was to add him immediately so that he could be included in the bona fide list for the suspenders Cupcontest in which he debuted Messi facing tomorrow the Cross blue.

Despite the intentions and that there was an agreement between the parties for the farias to miamifrom the player’s environment they failed to process his visa so that he can travel to state Joined due to the speed of the negotiations and the time that this type of procedure requires.

Consequently, farias cannot travel to state Joined without the visa and therefore will not be able to sign your contract. Without being able to take it into account for the suspenders Cupfrom the Bury miami He already assumes that he will be able to count on the player from August fines when he can resolve his management of the papers.

With this situation, farias could see action only at the end of August when the MLS. Regarding this last minute change, Esteban edul referred to the claim of martin to the leadership of the Heron.

The coach from Rosario made the leaders understand that the pass from fariasfor which they will disburse 6 million dollars, it was vital for the change of the team in view of the suspenders Cup.