The Argentine National Team trains with its World Cup debut in mind

This Friday, the Argentina Women’s National Team This Friday he carried out a new training session prior to his debut at the New Zealand-Australia World Cup which will take place against Italy next Monday.

On this day there were some problems with the facilities to be used because the fields were flooded due to the heavy rains that fell on the city of Auckland in the last few hours.

For this reason, the players continue with the work on the futsal field at the hands of the coach frank Caponetto, who carried out resistance and activation work.

Subsequently, the group was divided into three groups for the development of individual tasks with the idea of ​​taking advantage of the reduced spaces to generate new strategies taking into account the game against the European national team.

In this way, the national team led by German Portanova continues its preparation for next Monday’s game that will take place starting at three in the morning (Argentine time) in a game that will take place at the facilities of the Waitakere Stadium.