The Argentine National Team debuts in the World Cup against Italy: time, TV and possible formations

The big day has arrived. The Argentine national team will make his debut in World Cup Australia – New Zealand 2023 initial bet Italythis Monday July 24 at 3 in the morning (Argentine time), at the stadium eden park of the city of Auckland (New Zealand), on the date 1 of Group G.

The meeting will feature refereeing by Melissa Borjas (Honduras), and will be televised for our country by Directv and the public television.

How does Argentina get to debut in the World Cup?

During the first semester of 2023, Argentina faced six preparation commitments for the World Cup. The results were very favorable both in the level of play and in the results: 4 to 0 vs. Chile, 2-0 and 1-0 vs. New Zealand, 1-1 and 3-0 with Venezuela, and for the last win 4-0 against Peru.

It is worth remembering that the selected one drove for German Portanovaimprove the qualification for the World Cup, after being in third place in the Copa América 2022. It is currently ranked 28th in the FIFA ranking.

This will be Argentina’s fourth participation in World Cups and its main objective is to win the first game in its history. So far the national team has reaped 7 losses and 2 draws. Furthermore, they never advanced to the round of 16.

Participations of Argentina in World Cups:

  • United States World Cup 2003: Argentina joined Group C and was defeated in all three games (6-0 against Japan, 3-0 against Canada and 6-1 against Germany).
  • China World Cup 2007: the National Team was part of Group A with three monsters: Germany, England and Japan. Again they lost in all three games (11-0 against Germany, 1-0 against Japan and 6-1 against England).
  • World Cup France 2019: Argentina joined Group D along with Japan, England and Scotland and expected to score the first two points in their history (0-0 with Japan, 1-0 defeat against England, comeback and epic draw against Scotland 3-3).

How does Italy get to debut in the World Cup?

Italy, which appears in the 16th place in the world ranking, comes in constant growth. This will be his first tournament since Serie A became professional and the team that has the best result in the quarterfinals in China 1991 and France 2019.

In addition, it has several figures from Juventus such as the captain Cristiana Girelli, Valentina Cernoia, Arianna Caruso and Barbara Bonansea.

Argentina vs Italy: the probable formations

Argentina: Vanina Correa; Sophia Braun, Miriam Mayorga, Aldana Cometti, Eliana Stabile; Lorena Benítez, Daiana Falfán, Romina Núñez, Estefanía Banini; Florence Bonsegundo and Mariana Larroquette. DT: German Portanova.

Italy: Rachele Baldi; Elisa Bartoli, Martina Lenzini, Beatrice Merlo, Cecilia Salvai; Guilia Dragoni, Valentina Cernoia, Arianna Caruso; Barbara Bonasea, Benedetta Glionna and Cristiana Girelli. DT: Milena Bertolini.