The advice that Gallardo gave to Scaloni for the World Cup in Qatar was revealed

After 36 years, the Selection Argentina raised the World Cup in Qatar 2022. With a Leo Messi magnificent that we still have not dimensioned, the albiceleste he was proclaimed a fair champion thanks to his main pillars: effort, collective play, efficiency and above all, resilience.

Without a doubt, the head of this infernal team was lionel scaloni, who since 2019 formed a group where everyone could exploit their greatest virtues and hide their defects. But as it became known, a council of Marcelo Gallardo It was important for the work team made up of soccer players, assistants, physical trainers and psychologists.

In the book Thirdwritten by alexander wall and Gaston Edulwhere chronicles, analysis and detailed information were provided, the help of the Doll to the bid. “Gallardo told him something that he would remember during the World Cup: not to give the team to the players until the last moment.”detail the book

“Against Saudi Arabia and Mexico, he gave them the information a day before. And then a day before the press already had the eleven,” they added.

“From Poland onwards everything changed, he applied Gallardo’s advice and began to present the team during the previous talk they had at the University of Qatar, before getting on the bus, an hour and a half before the game”. In this way, Scaloni used Gallardo’s suggestion. The results are visible.