Tevez’s confession: “I see myself as Boca’s coach, but…”

To fines of 2022, Carlos Tevez stopped being DT of Rosario Central and since then he is without a club. this Thursday, Carlitos broke the silence and referred to his departure from ScoundrelBoca’s present and its future.

The former goalscorer began by talking about what it is to be a DT: “You have to prepare to be a coach. First, communication is key and being a leader from another place. I was a leader from within, now you have to be from the outside, know how to manage… You have to study and prepare, to make strategies, systems, it is very different from being a footballer“.

In addition, he said that he is looking for an assistant: “I am looking for someone who knows more about strategy and systems than me.. That he sees the games differently than me, that he can read them to improve the team.”

Regarding the team survey, he explained: “There is always talk of clubs, but the project is also important. If you are not sure where you are going… It has to be something serious. You want to lead, but you don’t want to wander from club to club. They all want to be saved. I’m going for something else, I need a good project. As long as it is serious, I am willing to listen to proposals“.

On the possibility of assuming in Boca, he was forceful: “It is very difficult for them to see me with other eyes than those of Boca. I see myself as a Boca coach, but it’s not something I want today. I try to position myself as a coach, because they still see me as a player. At Central, many people looked at me out of the corner of their eyes for that, until they realized that I was giving my life for Central and changed.”

However, in dialogue with sports tyc, sure that “I don’t close the door to anyone” and denied the relationship with Independiente: “It is very difficult to become a coach after playing. If there was something from Independiente it was going to be very difficult because of my identification with Boca. Sometimes people from another club find it difficult to see you on the bench.”