Talleres eliminated River from the Argentine Cup

In the current season under the direction of Martin Demichelis, River It has stood out by obtaining the Professional League, but there is a shadow that stands as its “black beast”: cordoba workshopscommented Román Iucht in Fontevecchia mode (net tv and RadioProfile FM 101.9).

Once again, the Cordovan team, led by Javier GandolfiHe faced River and prevailed in the argentinian cup. History repeats itself and River Plate fans feel a mixture of frustration and respect for a rival who has proven his worth on more than one occasion.

workshops he comes off as a confident guest who, when summoned to the soccer party, takes over the scene and becomes the life of the celebration. His aggressive playing style and intensity on the pitch have made him a feared opponent.

River and Talleres plan an exchange of soccer players in this pass market

As in the local tournament, Talleres used high pressure and a quick recovery to unbalance River. players like ramon sosa, Rodrigo Garro, Nahuel Bustos and the Colombian Diego Valoyes they stood out, showing off their extraordinary soccer skills.

In the match played in Mendoza, Talleres dominated during the first 40 minutes, showing an obvious superiority. The crossbar prevented a goal from Garro, and the team created several dangerous approaches. The line of pressure, led by Garro and ulysses ortegozahe was relentless, adding to the team’s audacity and brazenness.

“I only asked God not to take me to Talleres champion without seeing him”

However, although Talleres has been a tough opponent for River, the loss of the local title cannot be attributed to a single match. A long tournament like this is built brick by brick, and River showed more regularity throughout the season. In addition, at times when River lost points, Talleres did not observe victories either, which allowed the Millionaire team to secure the League title.

After the game, Garro, who has scored three consecutive goals against River in the last two matches, highlighted the union of the group and the effort made throughout the campaign. “We are proud of our effort and we want to finish in the Cup zone, there is still a long way to go,” explained the midfielder.

In the next stage of the Argentine Cup, Workshops saved to the winner between Lanús and Colónwhile River will have to recover quickly and continue with its successful path in soccer and with its head set on the Copa Libertadores.