Step by step: How to request the IFE 5 Anses Bonus in 2023

For more than two years, the National Social Security Administration (Anses) established a program of IEmergency Family Congress (IFE) for all those who need it. How to request it this 2023 step by step in a simple way from the cell phone.

It is worth remembering that the main objective of this national aid is to provide families with economic protection in the face of difficulties in the market. Of course there is certain requirements that must be met in order to request the bonus and receive it. What are these

How to request the IFE bonus for this 2023

Making this request is very simple and can be carried out from the cell phone entering the web to the official page of the Anses. Although the request can also be made from any of the offices available in person.

First of all, to request the IFE bonus It is necessary that the data is already on the official page, either personal or the entire family group. All such data such as telephone numbers, home addresses or other contact information must be up to date.

In case there is a data that must be changed, it can be done right there editing the pdf, as well as if there are new family members. Then you will have to place the CUIL, and in this way the page will automatically give you a record of the registration you made.

As a second step, the system will ask you to enter your personal social security code, which is what allows you to do the paperwork reliably from your cell phone. There is also the option to create a password in case you don’t have it yet, and if you don’t remember it you will have to create a new password anyway.

That way it will be within the profile you have on the Anses page where you can see that your information and data are correct and that is registered in the IFE for this year.

Main requirements to apply for the IFE bonus

However, there are certain details that must be presented by the people, documents or evidence that really show that you need national help. When speaking of documents, we refer to an affidavit in which the family consumption is explained in detail, as well as the assets and heritage Of the same.

So, if you expect to receive the IFE bonus in that, you cannot demonstrate that you have vehicles of any type that are less than 10 years old as yours. Nor can it prove that it is property owneror that you have used credit or debit cards in your name or have received credits from banking entities.

On the other hand, the document should not contain invoices for purchases made with any foreign currency in the six-month period. If you have received installments or bonds in the last semesterThere would already be a valid obstacle to demonstrate that you do not fully need the IFE bonus.

In fact, it must be presented in those papers that one does not have a job that provides a fixed monthly salary, as well as not having social or prepaid work. In the same order of ideas, you cannot receive from the government any benefits such as retirement or pension.

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