Spain reformed the Immigration Law to attract young foreigners

The reform of the Aliens Law promotes the vocational training Delaware youths that they look for emigrate to Spain through more flexible entry into the labor market. The changes in immigration policy are intended to facilitate the regularization process for the thousands of Latin Americans who need to settle.

The technical modifications to the current regulation plan to favor future hiring in the European country, with a reduction in places, due to the lack of applications by Iberian citizens to job offers.

Through the last update of the regulations in August 2022, new figures were created that will benefit non-EU students. and it opens the door for them to get a job that is related to their studies. which son?

Procedures for Argentine professionals who emigrate to Spain: homologation of the university degree

Young people who emigrate to study and work in Spain

Immigration Law: what are the new figures that make it possible for foreign students to obtain work?

One of the new figures that make up the Aliens Law Its the Rooting by trainingthrough which foreigners who remained in Spain for at least two years continuously and who are interested in training, once they have completed their university degree they can enter the job market in a position linked to the knowledge acquired.

Students have a work permit for 30 hours and, in addition, it will be able to remain one year more without the need for territory requires an extension of the stay in Spanish.

What to take into account to emigrate to Spain

What requirements does Spain require of young foreigners in order to gain access to arraigo by training?

  • Evidence of continuous residence in Spain for a minimum of two years
  • Have no criminal record in your country of origin, or in the countries where you have resided in the last five years
  • Not be a citizen of the European Union or have been prohibited from entering Spain
  • Pay the corresponding fees: Temporary residence fee for exceptional circumstances (Form 790 code 052)
  • Commit to training.
Professionals in Spain 20221021
Foreign Professionals in Spain

In this sense, the expert in foreigner and Immigration, Iván Molinares Hoyos specified that “once the training has been completed and during the validity of the establishment authorization, the interested party may present the application for residence and work before the Office of foreigner providing a contract

Long lines at the Consulate of Spain to process citizens and passports

Temporary work visa in Spain 20221026
Young people who emigrate to study and work in Spain

When should students register?

Once the commitment to a higher education program has been assumed and the residence permit completed, the applicant must provide proof of registration, within a period of no more than three months from the notification of the concession and submit it to the Office of foreigner.

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