Soria acknowledged that he had already “dismissed” the judges and Rossi lashed out: “Shut up Rosatti”

Following the decision of the Supreme Court, which suspended this Tuesday, May 9, the provincial elections scheduled for next Sunday in San Juan and Tucumán, various government officials expressed their unanimous rejection of the precautionary measures granted by the highest court. The Minister of Justice, martin soriaacknowledged that if there were no “procedures” to prevent it, it would already have dismissed the members of the Court. In parallel, Augustine Rossi he asked for a Horacio Rosatti to “shut up” as a result of his recent statements against “the uncontrolled expansion of the monetary issue”.

“We understand that there are procedures. It’s not that you get up and say I don’t like these judges”consult Soria in the context of an interview in RadioProvince.

“I wish it were like that, we would have done it long ago”slipped in connection with the will of the ruling party to remove the magistrates from their posts.

Suspension of elections in San Juan and Tucumán: the reasons for the Court’s decision

On the other hand, the official emphasized that he stopped to analyze the constitutions of the provinces involved and in his opinion “there are no doubts” about the legitimacy of the candidacies of Juan Manzur and Sergio Unac.

“The specific articles that talk about the possibility of how the governor is chosen, how long the term lasts and the possibility of being re-elected, there is no doubt that in both situations they could appear next Sunday”, he argued.

“That is why it strikes me that they have resolved these precautionary measures and have not gone into analyzing the merits of the matter,” he added.

For this reason, Soria adhered to the proposition of the ruling party about a “clear interference in the democratic process” of the provinces.

Martin Soria. Instagram @martinsoriaok

“It catches our attention with so few days left before the electionwith the printed tickets, with the publicity in the streetsthis precautionary measure arrives,” said Soria, in addition to criticizing the initiative of the Court that, from his point of view, “does not even resolve the merits of the matter, they simply limited themselves to suspending the election.”

The minister also targeted the main leaders of Together for Change, Patricia Bullrich and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, who “celebrated” the ruling in question.

“These characters,” Soria said, referring to Larreta and Bullrich, “they talk about the court as if they. They’re the same,” she said.

It is, according to the head of Justice, “the same Court that – with another precautionary– allowed the federal sharing law to be violated to steal millionaire funds from the provinces to finance the JxC presidential campaign, which today celebrates its rulings”.

“Shut up Rosatti”, the outburst of Agustín Rossi

the chief of staff, Augustine Rossiwas not far behind when it came to ruling against the Supreme Court of Justice and referred to the “strong political intent of the ruling”.

“Without a doubt the Court wants to get involved in electoral politics. This is a partisan Court, it is not the head of the Judiciary. The Court’s decision prevents the sovereign exercise of federalism,” objected the official close to Alberto Fernández in The Uncover Radio.

In his analysis, Rossi emphasized that “it is a situation so serious that it can generate an institutional conflict between the Court and one of the provinces.”

“Today Rosatti also got into economic policy”recorded the chief of staff as a result of the considerations of the president of the Court against the monetary issue.

Augustine Rossi
Augustine Rossi. Photo: Twitter

“The president of the Court says that he is incapable of administering the Obra Social del Poder Judicial. In the middle of this there is a former administrator of the Court who denounces Rosatti. If the Court had done this a month ago, things would be more clear,” he said.

How Rosatti is going to think about the broadcast? Shut the fuck up, because you’re giving your opinion on monetary policy of Argentina, which also depends on the Central Bank, which is also autonomous”, Rossi graphed.

When referring to Patricia Bullrich, the official remarked that “he still does not know how to answer that the telephone numbers of [Gerardo] Milman and his advisers, but now he says we stop re-election.”

“Argentina is institutionally wrong”Rossi declared. “It is the worst Judicial Branch of democracy. The provinces are the ones that have to decide if they disobey the ruling of the Courthe threatened.


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