Shocking death of 500 pigs on a farm due to a power outage

Around 500 piglets born asphyxiated last weekend due to a power outage at the “Il Porco” establishment, located in General Alvear, Mendoza province.

Businessman Orlando Piccinini, owner of the pig farm, said that the pigs must be raised in physical spaces where a highly sophisticated ventilation system is required, which consists of extracting hot air and entering cold and clean air.

Due to the level of overcrowding of the confinement systems, if the ventilation system is interrupted, increase methane levels and temperature, which is lethal to animals, he told FM You.

Moving closer to organ transplantation from pigs to humans

The death of animals follows a loss of $10 million for the businessmansince it is a sudden death without having had a slaughter, the organism of the pig decomposes, swells and is no longer fit for consumption.

storm of trouble

In the early hours of Sunday a thunderstorm began in the General Alvear area. “The Sunday guard enters at 7 in the morning and he finds himself with this scenario: more than 500 dead animals and the light had not yet returned,” said the businessman.

Because of the electrical storm, the two generator sets of the establishment were also disabled, leaving no chance of recovery to the system of the establishment.

Local media indicate that the power outage was caused by a storm that affected the power line between El Nihuil and Real del Padre.


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