Sergio Rico, PSG’s Spanish goalkeeper, is hospitalized after falling off a horse

Sergio Ricopartner of Lionel Messi in it psg suffered a serious accident this Sunday after falling from a horse in El Rocío, Andalusia. The French club pressured that it is in a critical state.

After the incident, the 29-year-old player was transferred by helicopter to the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in the city of Seville, according to information from some local media. At the time of his arrival at the care center, the athlete was intubated.

After a commitment in which PSG won the tournament title, The goalkeeper took a private flight to participate in a pilgrimage event and on Sunday morning on the Camino de Moguer suffered the accident.

Chain BEone of the most listened to radio media in Spain maintained that the player is seriously ill and in this sense the doctors are carrying out different tests to improve his state of health.

In the same tune, L’Equipe provided more details about the incident and added that Rico was with his partner when the horse was hit by another. “Your situation is considered very worrying. He fell on his head”, maintained the French medium.