Sergio must wait for Patricia or Horacio in October

writes Caroline Mantegari, of the AsisCulturalspecial for

fit culture

The agenda is right-wing (because society moved to the right).
The culture of the adjustment, simulated or frontal, depends on the ideological style of whoever faces it.
The epic consists of persuading the Monetary Fund with the story of planting the vulgar bases of tolerable capitalism.
To digest it, it is added with the “(relatively) equitable distribution of income.” And the stigma -or the mandate- of “social justice”.
Explicit Peronism.

Given the synthesis, La Doctora chose the ideal candidate of the Candilejas Front. sergio masaThe professional.
To confront the different variables of the traditional right.
“Imaginary revolutionaries of Kirchnerism, abstain.”
Kick, devour toads. Or surrender to the conceptual clarity of the doctor Myriam BregmannNatalia Sedova.
Or comfort guilty conscience with moral support to John GraboisThe Saint of Containment.

Footlights, Consensus and Sticks or Hat Country

chainsaw javier mileiThe C-Boy, is barely comparable to the Rush of Change or Nothing that drives Mauricio, The Exterminating Angel (culturally colonized by Milei).
Mauricio is attached to the acceleration of the lady patricia bullrich. The Mountain of Good.
The queen does not “down a change.” In the first corner at 300 he faces the foreseeable absurdity of crashing.
Patricia sets out to “get over” all the obstacles on the way. From cursed Kirchnerism to drug trafficking.
It is Mauricio’s instrument to put an end to Horacio Rodriguez LarretaGenius, his intimate enemy.
Horacio promotes another center-right project. He bears the pragmatic ideology of action. The promoter of late development.
A preacher of good sense, strangely out of place among so much festive irrationality.

pancakes Negras

The Candilejas campaign was installed in the Ministry of Economy until the uselessness of the toxic elections in August.
For the ruling party, the PASOs have the natural advantage of being irrelevant. A dress rehearsal for orchestra.
Candilejas should prepare directly for the first round in October.
Form your corporate pole of power with governors, mini-governors, unionism, social organizations. Classic Peronism.
Being the most voted in August is trivial pedantry. Barely valuable for pollsters who reproduce their conjectural approximation or guessing exercises.
Or for the superficial ones who adore the commonplace and still believe in the gravitation of Monday’s titles. Pancakes Negras.

They matter, yes, in August, a couple of territorial disputes of The Inviable Province.
in the slaughter, Emilio PersianJosé Hernández heroically commands Mrs. Patricia Cubría, La Bermellona, ​​​​his wife, to the front.
To question the screwed power of the mini governor fernando espinosaArgentine Ledesma.
With the green light, perhaps resigned, of Maximo, The Influencer. And with the perverse courage of Martín Insaurralde, El Jésico.

Another exhalation of La (Employment Agency) Cámpora is recorded in Hurlingham.
Pockets of energy from La Agencia are directed to wrest control of the district from the sympathetic cultural Peronist Zavaleta, El Juanchi.
More black pancakes.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Patricia Bullrich warm up the internal PRO in the municipalities of the Buenos Aires suburbs

Those who play it in August
(and those who wait in October)

In August, the existential destiny of the two lines of Together for Change is at stake.
For the presidency and for the two versions of Buenos Aires. Inviable Province and Maxikiosk of the Autonomous Artifice.
Consensus and Sticks, which drives Horacio.
Hat Country, which drives Patricia.

Each seconded by their respective survivor of the centenary party.
Gerardo MoralesEl Milagrito, accompanies the Larreta Consensus with Sticks.
louis petriCarucha, accompanies the quick categories of Change or (probably) Nothing, by Patricia.
So Sergio and Javier wait in October while Patricia and Horacio triumph or succumb in August.

Patricia -who has been involved in politics since she was a moses- notice that the election has already been decided. As if all that was missing was the elementary process of counting the votes.
Or as if Horacio was out of the game and to go to the locker room.
The suspense of parity persists. But the Mauri-Bullrichism publishes polls where the Montonera del Bien wins by 25 to 9.
Promotions from the Bwindi Uganda Channel.
Or during the operating Sundays of Clarín, once unbeatable newspaper that keeps the gunpowder soaked but still scares.

patricia bullrich

In the Inviable Province, Diego SantilliEl Vermilón (Horacio’s jewel) confronts his friend and former campaign manager Nestor GrindettiPaladar Negro II, Mauricio’s historic outfit served Patricia.
Each, accordingly, complemented by its radical vice.
Bermellón Santilli and Paladar Grindetti must fight in August to win the right to face the favorite in October.
Axel, El Gótico, who also eagerly awaits.

The radical drive

In the Maxikiosco, toxic choices are transcendental.
It is where the Mutual PRO, for 15 years, dispatches the lucrative sweets.
He confronts, on behalf of his cousin and Patricia, Jorge Boga Macri, Paladar Negro I, with the unscathed Martín Lousteau, Wilde’s Character.
But Lousteau carries the solid suspicion of being supported by Horace.
It is part -Lousteau- of the strategic design of Emiliano Yacobitti, El Caudillo Universitario.
Together with Maximiliano Pullaro, Otro Encanto del Enigma, in the Santa Fe complex.
And with Rodrigo de Loredo, El Formadito, in Córdoba.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Gerardo Morales

But the radical drive yearns to recover the territory it believes to be its own. Since before it became Maxikiosco.
It is the Autonomous Artifice of the Capital that, in effect, they invented. It was modeled in 1994 by Raúl Alfonsín, El Providencial.

To preserve the almost feudal validity of the Maxikiosco, the cousin Boga Macri must overcome a bad start.
Initial paperwork. As if an inhabitant of Almagro was culturally more Buenos Aires than of Avellaneda.
The selection of the unfortunate applicant (Rinaldi) forced the cousin to ask -before the vote-, understanding. Or apologies.
Is that asking too much.