Sergio Massa and his candidacy: he said that the STEP in the FdT “are a very serious mistake”

The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, referred to the progress of the economy and an eventual presidential candidacy in a dialogue with the president of AmCham Argentina, Facundo Gómez Minujín, during the closing of the event organized by the Chamber of Commerce of the United States in Argentina.

Regarding the reserves, Massa stated at the AmCham Summit 2023 that there were over 42,000 million dollars of expected production and exports, we are going to close the year in 27, 26, some say 24,000, with the impact that this has on the prospect of reserve accumulation.”

“The Fund described the drought as a ‘game changer’, this is a game changer, and it forces us to rethink everything,” said the Economy Minister, describing that the discussion with the IMF is taking place within the program, so as not to having to put together a new one, go to Congress and achieve special majorities all Board. “Simply within the framework of the program and the statute of the Fund, invites us to rethink its qualities are the short, medium and long term objectives of Argentina”he claimed.

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Asked when the results of the talks will be known, Massa said that “once we finish the operations that link the commercial flowsWe are going to look at how to design the flows and eventual disbursements and reimbursements, beyond the fact that we are already discussing objectives and goals with the Fund”, added Massa.

“Everything is on the table in the discussion with the Fund and there is also a central issue, which is the intervention capacity of the Central Bank, which is inalienable”.

The head of the Palacio de Hacienda also referred to an extension of the swap with China that could reach up to US$ 19,000 million: “So far the operation is for US$ 5,000 million and in June comes the renewal and surely the possibility or the Argentine opportunity and expand that operation

Massa and his presidential candidacy

Asked about a possible candidacy for president in the next elections, Massa said that “I have been fortunate since I was 27 years old to have all the responsibilities that someone in institutional life can have. Sometimes it’s not what you want but the context.”

In this sense, he raised two conditions: “The issue of the family context for me is a whole issue. The family I have is the most important thing I have built in my life. that is a condition”.

“Second, I believe that a government, even if it is a coalition government, has the obligation to provide certainty, and part of that certainty is not expose their internal debates to society”.

For this reason, the Ministry of Economy maintained that a STEP should not be considered between members of the Frente de Todos coalition. “This wanting expose in a primary if the government has differences or not, The truth is that it seems to me a very serious mistake”.

And he added: “I am part of a government coalition. I want my government coalition to continue governing, and for that, what we have to tell people is what we had to solve, what we could not solve and where we are going”.

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Requests for the next president

When asked what he would do as president, Massa once again dodged the question of “what would he ask of the next government.” In this regard, he emphasized five points of state policy.

The first is the food issue “because Argentina is one of the world’s major players in protein production and one of the most important water reserves”.

The second point is energy security, where he observes that oil and gas “is a change of economic paradigm in the weight of the Argentine GDP. Argentina goes from -10 in the trade balance in 2021 to +22 in less than five years”.

In third place, he placed critical minerals, where it was estimated that exports will go from 3 billion in 2021 to almost 19 billion in 2030. “Everyone is looking at lithium, but let’s not stop looking at copper, which is the other great player of the technological revolution”.

The fourth point is the knowledge economy. “The greatest investment that the next government can make is force that in secondary school programming be part of the education of students”.

Lastly, he placed the institutional aspect, where he stated that “The emergency instruments it has to apply justice must be emergency, and background remedies with background failures. But we cannot continue with a scheme in which the transitory remedies to avoid abuses by the State end up being transformed into permanent measures to protect prebendary interests”.


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