Scandal in the Superclásico: the provocative celebration that sparked the pitched battle

The Superclásico between river and mouth ended with a scandal as a result of the incidents between the players of both teams after the goal of miguel borja penalty, already in discount time.

What happened was that Chiquito Romero reproached Agustín Palavecino for his excessive celebration in the face of Nicolás Figal, who in the previous one had wanted to “play a good game at the Gallinero”, and everything ended in the worst way: Bullfights, shoving, pineapples and even the intervention of the Buenos Aires City police.

The game was stopped for several minutes and, after the VAR review, the referee Darío Herrera refused to expel Miguel Merentiel, Nicolás Valentini, Ezequiel Fernández and Jorge Almirónon the side of Boca, now Agustín Palavecino, Ezequiel Centurión and Elías Gómezon the river side.

As soon as he saw the red one, Merentiel ran out into the tunnel as if to face Palavecino.the one targeted for causing all the madness that ended with the excitement of Martín Demichelis 1-0 in his first Superclásico.

Palavecino’s provocative celebration in front of the Boca players

The exclusive ESPN cameras can be seen as immediately after Borja’s goal, Agustín Palavecino runs in the direction of the Boca footballers and wildly shouts his team’s goal.