Scandal in Colón: request to Pulga Rodríguez

luis miguel rodriguez made news again and added one more chapter in his conflict with the leadership of Columbus, club with which he was champion of the 2021 League Cup.

In 2022 and after receiving threats from the Colón bar, the flea He wanted to speed up his departure from the club. He intended to terminate his contract and that is why did not start the preseason with the group on September 29 under the orders of the Uruguayan coach Marcelo Saralegui.

Finally, Rodríguez appeared last Thursday at the 4 de Junio ​​property Y led to a new conflict. 7

The Tucuman arrived with several friends, who had to wait for him outside since only the player can enter the property, and a letter document that required to be signed by someone and in the place the only person available was the head of campus securitywho I replied that he was not the right person to do it.

Consequently, angry the flea the mischievous traitor and, according to the complaint, I would have told him “be very careful”.

What does the complaint say about threats against La Pulga Rodríguez?

“That I belong to the traitors of the club, that in a period not exceeding 10 days I was going to have to apologize and take care of myself at work and personally, that I be very careful”It can be read verbatim in the complaint of the employee of the Sabalero club.

Beyond his career at the club and in Argentine football in general, for not showing up on time for preseason and especially for events like this, Marcelo Saralegui will not take Flea into account for the next Professional League tournament.

Flea Rodríguez denounces