Santiago Maratea has already collected more than 53% of the club’s total debt

In the middle of the collection he is making to save Independiente, Santiago Maratea contribution already collected”53% of total debt” and revealed that he is working to open a new contribution account for those who live abroad.

The influencer who came to the rescue of the Avellaneda club after the untimely resignation of the presidency of Fabian Doman He activated his social networks this Tuesday night to tell that the fund had collected $701,471,348. “Let them tell it as they please and like it. this is a fact“, he expressed.

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Before, he left a message charged with controversy due to what happened in previous days, when he announced that he would stay with a 5% of the collection after thousands of fans made their contribution and was surely questioned. “I appear, I know they missed me. I was missing on Sunday because I was with the wife of a journalist. Ah, it started spicy. Lie, it wasn’t for that,” he mocked.

The post of Santiago Maratea.

Encouraged by the amount of money he was able to raise, he explained that “it represents 53% of the total debt.” He even allowed himself that after his publications the amount would reach $710 million.

In addition, he said that he wants to create a new account aimed at fans who live outside the country. “Believe me that I am already behind that every day, trying to open different accounts abroad to find out which is the least risky and the most agile to get the money out of there. I still have no concrete news,” he said in instagram.

At the end of April, after the turbulence that ended Doman’s departure six months after being elected as president, Maratea suggested the possibility of putting together a collection to cover the million-dollar debts and the club’s leadership accepted the idea.

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What is the debt of Independent

After the management of Hugo Moyano and the few months of the entertainer Doman, Independiente’s debt reached 20,000,000 dollars. Initially, the collection of Santiago Maratea tries to reach that figure to alleviate the retching of the club.

However, emergencies prevail: the América club in Mexico demands the urgent payment of $5,700,000 for the pass of the Paraguayan player Cecilio Domínguez. This debt will end the club’s inability to add players as long as the situation is not resolved.

Another of the open economic fronts is that of Gonzalo Verón, to whom Independiente must pay $4,800,000, according to the court ruling.


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