Rolfi Montenegro revealed that Agüero will collaborate with the collection of money for Independiente

This Wednesday, the Daniel Montengroformer player of independent and current panelist for T&C Sportsrevealed that Sergio Aguero will collaborate with the collection headed by the influencer Santiago Maratea to raise money to help “Red” pay off his debts.

Although he did not detail how the contribution will be, the former manager of the Avellaneda team said: “It was reported, He had contacts with one of the boys who is part of the WhatsApp group of former players that we seek to help and is in talks to see how to participate“.

Beyond the fact that he did not give more details about the conversation, I am sure that among all of them they are evaluating different ways of getting involved, but All the money raised will go to the Maratea collection which is where the fans and anyone who wishes to contribute help.

Now the idea is to auction shirts, see if that can activate a bit. There are many who said yes and we will see if with that we can raise a little more money, ”added Rolfi about the steps to follow for the group of soccer players who passed through the institution.

How much money has Santi Maratea collected from the collection for Independiente

The collection of money by santi maratea to help Independiente in its severe economic situation is still standing and in a new update the influencer reported that 710,381,614.95 pesos were collected until Tuesday.

The 30-year-old explained that half of the money owed to the mexico america for the pass of Cecilio Dominguezpayment that independent he must leave to lift the inhibition of incorporating players.