River does not rest and prepares for the duel for the Argentine Cup against Racing de Córdoba

After achieving a vital victory in the professional league, Silver river He returned to work ahead of his debut in the argentinian cup in a duel in which it will be measured against the group of cordoba racing in a match that will be played at the Único Madre Stadium in the cities of Santiago del Estero.

The players who had minutes in the match against Lanús carried out regenerative work, while the substitutes and those who played little carried out a test together with the reserve players.

For now, it is too early to indicate that the players are in the starting eleven of the team led by Martín Demichelis. But the returns of Emanuel Mamana and Matías Suárez are likely, who would be in the team that will play against the Cordovan squad.

After the clash played in the South of Buenos Aires, Demichelis acknowledged that he wants to play something else. He maintained that River fans yearn for a more elegant football that can maintain order on the field.