Río Festejó: San Lorenzo tied with Defense and Justice

Román Iucht analyzed in Fontevecchia modeby net tv and RadioProfile (FM 101.9), the results of the date 15 of Argentine soccer.

River closed 24 perfect hours. First, beating the mouth with that controversial penalty goal from Miguel Angel Borjawhich will continue to be discussed forever and ever.

In yesterday’s matchday, with the goalless draw between San Lorenzo and Defense and Justicethe millionaire group further widened the difference it already had with its competitors.

But it’s also a fantastic campaign, both for San Lorenzo and Defensa. When one thinks of teams that can stalk River in the championship fight, there is a matter of expectation at the start of the tournament. Neither San Lorenzo nor Defensa were looking to fight for the championship, they found themselves in this situation.

Kun Agüero’s sentence on the River-Boca controversy: “Yes, it was criminal”

The campaign they are running is already fantastic, and the same formula is valid for Workshops of Cordoba, for Belgrano, for Rosario Center. The reality is that those who were able to fight for the championship with River were Mouth and Careersand the two are in the pornographic sum of 20 points away in just fifteen dates of the championship.

The game was good, especially in the second half, and excellent in what they stand out for, especially San Lorenzo, in their ability to prevent goals from being scored. ]On several occasions, scoring a goal, it was enough for San Lorenzo to win the games.

He was close to making it. Ezequiel Unsain, the goalkeeper for Halcón de Varela, was one of the figures on the field. Also Augusto Batalla in San Lorenzo, who excelled on a couple of occasions. That’s why they ended up tying the game and playing for riverwho was watching him on tv.

San Lorenzo tied with Defensa in a key game so as not to lose track of River

Meanwhile, at night, in Avellaneda, Careers He showed again that he has nothing to do with that team that fought for the title until the last minute last season, when Jonathan Galván ended up missing that penalty against River, and the title ended up being held by Hugo Ibarra’s Boca.

cordoba workshopsone of the good teams in the tournament, took advantage of the instability and won 4-2with a great performance from their attacking players, beginning with Rodrigo Garro, continuing with Ramón Sosa, until reaching their forwards, Diego Valoyes and Michael Santosque Consider two goals each for the win.

Talking about Racing is talking about a team and not about an absolutely decimated team. Taking into account the comparison with the team they were in last tournament, Racing is missing: Piovi injured, Mena sold, Moreno injured, Alcaraz transferred, Miranda and Vecchio injured, the same as Carbonero, with a serious cruciate ligament injury, Coppetti transferred and Rojas physically touched.

Jorge Almirón’s response when asked about the penalty that Herrera took

But we must add Jonathan Gómez, Juan Ignacio Nardoni and Paolo Guerrero, usually substitutes for the starters who are also injured. Twelve players missing from Fernando Gago.

Even in any vast team that has serious aspirations to fight, having a similar number of players absent logically suffers from the structure of any team. Yesterday’s defeat was the fifth in six games, has won one point from the last eighteen.

fernando gago He attended the press conference yesterday a long hour after the end of the game, after talking with his players, and made a self-criticism. He spoke of “bad results” and the need for “better collective and individual aspects.”

Agustín Palavecino broke the silence after the escalation of the superclassic: “I couldn’t control myself”

The salvation table, for Racing, is the Copa Libertadores de América, where it has 7 points out of 9, and is going to fight with flamenco to see who ends up winning their group..

the rest of the parties

In the rest of the games that took place yesterday, there was a very valuable victory for Sarmiento de Junín 1-0 against Central Córdoba de Santiago del Esterokey match for permanence in the category and increase the average.

The best memes that left the Superclásico between River and Boca Juniors

In the same way, Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata beat Arsenal, and it is valuable for the same reasons.

The championship moves and a not very satisfactory job also moves, that of the coaches. Sebastian Battaglia is going to replace Diego Dabove in hurricane, and Julio Falcioni will replace javier sanguinetti in Banfield. carlos ruiz He stopped being the coach of Arsenal, who, at this time too, is still looking for a coach.


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