Ricardo Gareca is the new DT of Vélez

ricardo gareca is the new DT of Vélez. Good news, not only for Fortín, but for all of Argentine football, which is recovering one of the most outstanding coaches. And in electoral times, the formula Gareca-Bassedas is the one that can bring joy to the Liniers team again. This was reported by Román Iucht in Fontevecchia modeby net tv and RadioProfile (FM 101.9) on Friday, March 3.

In their previous stage, both transformed Velez in one of the best Argentine teams. For that, you have to travel back in time and remember the society that formed from 2009, one as a coach and the other as manager.

At that time, the Fort was three times champion of Argentine soccer, in addition to having reached the semifinals in the Copa Libertadores and lost against Peñarol, but playing at a high level.

Vélez fans hang parades asking for Tigre Gareca

Now, after his period in the Peru national team, gareca He returns to the club where he is an idol to reverse the bad football moment, despite the fact that he sounded like a replacement for Gustavo Alfaro in Ecuador. Between Monday and Tuesday it is expected that he will be signing his new contract, until the end of 2023, since there will be elections in Vélez.


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