Return operation: the Boca football council opens the way for Paredes for his return

The members of the Football Council of mouth, Mauritius boy Serna and Raul Cascinithey spoke after the consecration xeneize by Sargentinian super cupThey beat the final with River for the 2020 Champions Trophy and referred to the possibility of Leandro Paredes playing again for the La Ribera club.

He always comes to visit us when he is here. Hopefully one day he will come back and put on the shirt, he is a world champion. It is not easy, he is a very young player. If he calls, tomorrow he comes to fight for a position in Boca, ha “, Serna responded in dialogue with Radio Sports D before the opportunity to begin a negotiation in the middle of the year for the current world champion, Leandro Paredes.

On the other hand, they referred to the definition of the Champions Trophy against River Plate, they highlighted the titles of the last years of Xeneize: “Have you asked our rivals if they want to play this final? As they ask us, on the Boca side…”Serna fired.


Continuing in line, he added: “The current champion of Argentine soccer, the previous one, the champion of the Super Cup and of the previous edition of the Argentine Cup is Boca. It is clear who is the best team in the country”detailed “Chicho” counterattacking his eternal direct rival.

Lastly, Raúl Cascini took the opportunity to describe the work of the youth team of the Xeneize squad and appreciated their growth: “They put on their shirts and show that they are up to the task. That is the most important thing, we and the squad that has great players grown in the club like García,Roncaglia, Pol (Fernández), carry this forward along with Rojo, the Octopus (González). All of that is what brings the boys to the max.”closed.

Source: NA