Retirement without lawyers: an advantage for the member or for the pension system?

A very long time ago, we heard the phrases like sirens singing “You do not need any intermediary to retire”; “no need to pay for a lawyer to retire”, or written legends such as “The retirement process is free”. Sometimes almost as a request, other times with considerable disregard for the investiture of the professional, almost as if asking that lawyers not enter administrative areas, behaving like a magician who does not want his “tricks” to be discovered; or even worse as a customary debtor who routinely promises to pay, knowing that he is not going to do so and therefore says: “no lawyers”.

What has been said hides a deeper question and that is what each person will do, that is, ifDespite the “free” process, you will decide to be assisted by a professional.

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The reasons are diverse. Here I highlight some that may be attentable:

1) myThe pension system never explains credit, that is to say that the beneficiary does not know for sure how they calculate it, what topics or remunerations they contemplate; if they placed all or part of the contributions from autonomous activities or from other savings banks, if that improved or worsened the pension credit that was defined for them.

2) They will not accompany you in the fight with the prepaid or social worksor to make a claim for the extension and continuity of social coverage after retirement, or the change of conditions unilaterally defined by the provider and the legal actions that this implies.

3) The treatment of the legal professional and the accompaniment before all the previsional doubts, carried out by the lawyer exceeds the “free” benefits offered by the pension entity. The lawyer will be able to assist you in issues related to other jurisdictions, certifications in other areas that may be important for you to have.

4) Always, absolutely, the pension entity will always consider that people are “well retired”, Be it common, differential, privileged or special jobs. This means that in many cases it will avoid taking services from other savings banks, and it will reject any proposal to readjust assets by invoking any court ruling against it.

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5) The person is happy to collect the retirement although the detail of the pension benefit is not clarified and how they made “the retirement account”. Thus, it is common for the beneficiary to be surprised with the first pension credit because he does not have information on how the amount was obtained.

6) The professional in the matteraccompanies him in matters pertaining to the entire life of the person and it is the object of recurring consultation, exceeding social security issues.

Finally, cClearly you DO NOT NEED A LAWYER to carry out pension procedures, nor a doctor to treat an ailment, or an accountant for administrative procedures.

HoweverIf you have a lawyer who can assist you in these matters, they may recommend the best plan to obtain the best credit, or you fight in court to obtain a benefit previously set up in the administrative area, you may even have it as a professional of permanent consultation for different decision-making in your life, and you will realize that you will not have paid what was agreed in vain, that you will have dispelled many doubts that he had and others that he supposedly had adopted as truths. Finally, you will realize that the message “You do not need a lawyer to carry out the procedure”, does that you refer to the person who is going to carry out the procedure, or to the system?

As a professional in the field for many years, I have worked side by side with various pension entities, but above all with clients, who always know that they have their trusted professional just a phone call away and that they will always try to give the best answer.

* Lawyer specializing in pension issues

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