Retirees and pensioners: specialists anticipate how much the increase in June would be

He sixth month of the year comes with two good news for retirees and pensioners: on the one hand, the quarterly recomposition of their assets that some specialists anticipated a PROFILE could exceed 21%, and secondly, comes the half bonus. In any case, it also remains to be seen if the government offers a new bonus or fixed sum for minimum retirements.

As anticipated by the lawyer Tamara Bezares“we are talking about a sum of $5,000 although nothing is defined yet. In any case, ANSES always tries to ensure that those who receive the minimum wages never fall below inflation.”

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Regarding the percentage increase that you will be able to receive, the lawyer specializing in pension issues commented: “According to the data available to date to calculate the formula provided for in said regulation, the pension update would reach approximately a floor of 21% according to the data provided by the Center for Argentine Political Economy (CEPA).In this way, the second of the annual increases planned for this 2023 with the aforementioned percentage floor will come into force.

Along the same lines, Bezares assured: “Our expert source consulteda, facundo budassi from CEPA, told us that this is a first approximation since the salary data published by INDEC that will be published on May 10 has yet to be known,” he explained. And he added: “Thus, the new mobility formula will be made up of 50% of the salary evolution – the best of the indexes between the registered salary (RIPTE), whose figure accumulates 23.5%and the salary published by INDEC, with estimated increases of 18.2% – and in the other 50% of tax collection – which grew 18.5%”.

This will be the second increase granted to retirees this year.

Thus, according to these estimates made by CEPA Bezares, it is appropriate that “It can already be anticipated that, as of next month, the increase for retirements, pensions and allowances will be built on a value close to 21% increase”.

How much would the minimum retirement go if that increase occurs?

If this mentioned percentage is confirmed, Bezares “The minimum credit would exceed $58,665.43 (not counting the reinforcement of $15,000 that has been received since March) to $70,985 in June”.

For his part, universal pension for Elderly (PUAM) today of $46,932 would reach $56,790non-contributory disability pension (PNC) currently at $41,065 would be $49,690 and the auniversal assignment for child and pregnancy would receive $13,850 in its 100% (today the beneficiaries will receive $11,465).

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Another look at the increase with a floor of 16%

On the other hand, in the case of the increase foreseen for retirement and ordinary pensions, Florence Markarian anticipated to PROFILE that “it is estimated that the increase floor for the quarter that begins in June 2023 will be would be above 16%, taking into account the progress that occurred in March of this year -7.7%- and the one forecast for April, which is estimated at approximately 8%”.

Christmas bonus: what is it and when do retirees receive it?

Both Christmas bonuses imply a Complementary Annual Salary (COAT). It’s about the twelfth part (1/12) of the total remuneration received for him worker in the respective calendar year and, in accordance with the Labor Contract Law, it is paid in two installments, one in June and the other in December.

The Law No. 23,041 establishes that the complementary annual salary must be calculated based on the calculation of 50% of the highest monthly remuneration accrued for all concepts within the semesters that culminate in the months of June and December of each year.

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On the other hand, in June there will be a new quarterly increase for retirees, pensioners and beneficiaries of ANSES thanks to the Retirement Mobility Law.

It is worth remembering that, due to the last update in March that was in force until the salaries that were received this month of May, they achieved 17.04% and by Law 3 more increases will be implemented during this year, The The update also impacts the assets of the holders of the Universal Child Allowance (AUH) and other social plans.

How the increase is calculated

Starting in June, the next quarterly increase will be used. This will be calculated using a formula that takes into account for 50% of the resources allocated to the ANSES and 50% of the evolution of the salaries of stable workers.

Accelerated inflation: a number higher than that of March is expected
Pending the inflation data for April, it is estimated that it would exceed 7%.

The mobility index is calculated from the values ​​of the General Wage Index (IS) and the Average Taxable Remuneration Index of Stable Workers (RIPTE), provided by INDEC and the Social Security Secretariat of the Ministry of Labor in February , May, August and November.

Three sectors have already defined their increase

As explained by the lawyer specialized in social security issues Florencia Markarian, “ANSES has already provided for an increase as of June 2023 for three sectors belonging to special regimes, which are outside the increases provided by the government.”

Among them are:

  • non-university teachers who will receive an increase of 27.33%;
  • university professors with 22.74% and
  • retirees from the special light and power system who will receive a 23.55% increase.

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