Reflections 100% Free of Artificial Intelligence

This column is completely free from the influence of the artificial intelligenceOf course, as far as its sources are concerned, since this technological innovation is precisely its theme and raison d’être.

AI has not yet become part of our daily lives, beyond the fact that many of us have surely begun to experience some of its characteristics but, very soon, even if we do not look for it, the AI ​​will begin to be present and coexist with us in our day to day.

However, voices have already been raised for and against this technology, as well as a certain obsessive climate, especially when listening to professionals from the most diverse fields who convey their astonishment and concerns about the progress of an innovation that promises, or threat, with go through it all: science, medicine, education, foreign trade, logistics, programming, design, communication, accountingand the list could go on almost endlessly.

What is Elon Musk’s artificial intelligence project?

AI is clearly showing two faces at the beginning of its massiveness. On the one hand, that of an exceptional tool that can become our best assistant. But, on the other, has the ability to challenge every job in the world, as never before.

What is clear is that the pre-pandemic world that we all knew is now a distant memory that we will never live again.
The question is, Are we prepared as a world and as a society for a change of these characteristics?

Reflections 100% Free of Artificial Intelligence

While some believe that AI will be able, for example, to take us to the next level, others are convinced that its exponential development has the power to destroy civilization as we know it.

There is certainly a lot we can speculate on in this initial instance of the AI, but it would be nice analyze this phenomenon from the informationnot from uncertainty or despair.

Artificial Intelligence: characteristics are the main risks of this technology

We think that Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies also burst in with great force and with the promise of being disruptive and revolutionizing the world. However, their implementation evolves at the rate in which the world is assimilating and adopting them.

It is also true that, unlike other revolutions, such as the industrial one that developed over many years, the Global interconnection will make AI and its innovations immediately reach the whole world.

That is why it would be important to consider not making decisions out of fear based on uncertainty, but to be attentive and with an open mind.

Because perhaps, automation through AI will be able to bring transparency and efficiency in many processes and activities, and that this challenging and stressful context will finally give way to the revaluation of human aspects such as time and ties.

Which would undoubtedly allow us to promote what technology will never be able to supplant, which is human criteria and creativity.

*Director of Mobile Connection and CEO of Gea Logística

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