RadioProfile | Habits to achieve goals: it’s not the quantity, it’s the consistency

One of the characteristics of those who come to a coaching or business consulting session is that they bring a problem to be solved and with the need/anxiety that this should happen in a short term.

We are offering programs that promise to change your life in 8 meetings or in 2 hours or in 4 days. The danger in these cases is to focus on a third party being the one to solve the problem for you.

I ask you the following: when you want to have a toned body, you will manage to have marked abs and even lose weight. Is there something magical?

The same is true with changes in roles or relationships.

A client told me a while ago, could it be that leadership is not my thing? I am sure that if she repeats small self-leadership habits daily, she will acquire the habits to lead other people over time.

Human beings tend to get frustrated by not seeing results immediately, when in reality the changes begin to happen through the incorporation of small consistent and recurring habits over time. Daily and cumulatively.

“We are what we do, day by day. So excellence is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle.

When I go to the gym and see toned bodies, I’m sure that person exercises regularly, that result is not the product of a month of work, but rather a plan, consistency and time.

The same thing happens with a diet plan or personal development work. People can discard any type of process if it does not give them an immediate result. However, it is the consistency that matters and not the amount you do or the intensity with which you do it.

When I was managing systems implementation projects, I remember that we used this example a lot for clients in a hurry with changes: “nine women giving birth in a month is not the same as having nine months to give birth to a baby”. There are things that take time

Many people believe that success was achieved through a big result, yet they don’t see what the person who achieved that result has had to go through.

Frequently people dismiss small changes because they do not bring immediate visible results and are not aware of the enormous impact they can have in the future.

If you save a little money now you will not be a millionaire, if you take care of your diet for a day or a week you will not lose many pounds, if you go running for a month you may not win the Olympic games.

But if you manage to establish a routine and sustain it over time, you will discover a new result.

7 steps to create habits:

by Paula Cabalen

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