RadioProfile | Carlos Monzón: First world title defense was with another victory over Benvenuti

Considered the best Argentine boxer in history, and one of the most outstanding of all time, Carlos Monzón made the first of his fourteen defenses of the Middleweight world title against the Italian Nino Benvenuti.

Born on August 7, 1942 in San José, Santa Fe province, Carlos Monzón debuted as a professional boxer in 1963.

Three years later, he became Argentine Middleweight Champion, beating Jorge Fernández at Luna Park.

In 1967 he was South American champion against the same rival and on the same stage, consolidating himself on the boxing scene before making two successful title defenses.

The last defense of the South American title opened the doors to dispute the world title against Nino Benvenuti, considered the best Italian boxer in history.

The fight took place on November 7, 1970 and before 18,000 spectators at the Palace of Sports in Rome. Carlos Monzón knocked out Benvenuti in the twelfth round, conquering with clear superiority, and for the first time, the world middleweight title of the World Boxing Association and Council.

Six months after the so-called fight of the year, Monzón and Benvenuti would dispute a rematch in what would end up being the first defense of the world title by the Argentine boxer.

The match took place on May 9, 1971 at the Luis II (Second) Stadium in Monte Carlo. Monzón arrived emboldened and ratified the notable difference that he had shown in the first fight.

Carlos Monzón formed the defense by knocking out the Italian during the first minute of the third round, after having knocked him down in the second.

Trainer Bruno Amaduzzi would end up throwing in the towel in what would be Benvenuti’s last fight as a professional.

It was the first of 14 middleweight world title defenses made by Carlos Monzón, who held the crown for 6 years and 10 months, being world champion until his professional retirement in 1977.

Monzón and Benvenuti would form a friendship over the years, even the Italian would visit the Argentine in the Junín prison, while he served a sentence for the femicide of his former partner Alicia Muñiz.

On May 9, 1971 Carlos Monzón defended his world title for the first time with another victory over Benvenuti

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