Pino asked whoever is president not to see the field “as a pot in which there is something to scratch”

The president of the Rural Society, Nicolás Pino, advanced this Tuesday, July 18, details of what will be the 135th edition of the Palermo agricultural fair and in the midst of the political situation prior to the PASO, he advised that whoever takes office as president next December not “see the countryside as a pot in which there is something to scratch.”

And in that line not allowed: “When the pitch doesn’t pull as it should, we have the problems we have.”

For Pino, “The drought, if there is something that ends us beyond the damage, was the lack of agricultural policy in this country for many years,” he said.

The president of La Rural, on Alberto Fernández: “He did not have it easy

The president of the Rural Society advanced the axes of his inaugural speech next Saturday the 29th and said that “we must get out of the punctual criticism.” Although he acknowledged that he is going to “describe the current situation“, the important thing is to “talk a lot to what is coming”.

In radio statements, Pino remarked: “Everyone is waiting for this moment, in which last year we had 1,300,000 people, who also joined online because they were able to participate in all parts of the world and the country.”

One of the most anticipated moments will be Pino’s own speech, on Saturday the 29th, when the official inauguration will take place in the presence of producers, agricultural leaders and also politicians.

The field responded to Cristina Kirchner for saying that “it does not generate many jobs”

“Because the politician who has to rule Argentina as of December 11, does not have to see the sector as a pot in which there is to scratch. The drought, if there is something that exploded us beyond the damage, it was the lack of agricultural policy in this country many years ago”, he said.

Regarding what will be the inaugural speech to which the President of the Nation, Alberto Fernández, was invited, although he has not yet verified presence, he highlighted “In my speech there will be a long-term view. The view has to be long because you have to show that possibility that is open to Argentina,” he stated.

“Really, in this country we have everything the world demands, we have it. And if we don’t do things right, it will be once again letting one of the many trains that have passed through this country on which we have not gotten on pass,” he asked.

Mercosur and Pericón, the first to join the ranks of Palermo

Within this framework, this Tuesday, from early hours, the horses were received in the central arena and a bull of the shorthorn breed, called “Mercosur” and a Creole horse named “pericón” were the first animals to enter, this Tuesday, in the site of the Rural Exhibition of Palermo.

“These two animals summarize the history of cattle and horse farming in the country,” said the president of the Argentine Rural Society, Nicolás Pino.

In this regard, they will be part of the 2,000 animals of different breeds and species that will come to the show.

Rural Expo 2023

Strong presence of politicians is expected throughout the 10 days of Palermo

“On the 24th, the candidates return 15 days after the PASO,” Pino said. The meeting will be similar to the one held in early April.

“Because We want to know what the future that each one proposes will be like, looking at the possibility that is open to Argentina. There will be a diagnosis but we have everything the world demands. If we don’t do things right, it means giving up the opportunity again. Long term look. Let the politicians do what they have to do and let us who know where to go work, “she reinforced.

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The appointment will be on Monday 24, when from 9:30, in the main auditoriuma day is held with the political forces, with a special call to the main pre-candidates for president.

The entity distributed a flyer announcing Horacio Rodríguez Larreta (JxC), Javier Milei (La Libertad Avanza), Juan Schiaretti (We Do for Our Country), Patricia Bullrich (JxC) and Sergio Massa (Union for the Homeland) for the event.

“It is essential that the presidential candidates take the time to be in the sample and tell about the policies they plan to implement if they win,” he said.