Patricia Bullrich took photos with radicals in Mendoza and shook the inmate of Together for Change

The dispute between the president of the PRO, Patricia Bullrichand the Buenos Aires head of government, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, had a new chapter this Saturday. The former Minister of Security shared a photo in which he poses with radical references that are not part of the armed forces of the Buenos Aires president.

The presidential candidate trip this weekend to mendoza to the Harvest Festival and took the opportunity to show himself together with a group of radicals what can be read as a message for Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Gerardo Morales, who also passed through the province.

Bullrich with Alfredo Cornejo, Rodolfo Suárez, Gustavo Valdés and Rodrigo de Loredo.

Bullrich met with the governors of Mendoza and Corrientes, Rodolfo Suarez and Gustavo Valdes; national senators Alfredo Cornejo -pre-candidate for governor of Mendoza-, Carolina Losada, Luis Naidenoff and Mariana Juri; and the national deputies facundo manes and rodrigo de loredo. he was also Emilio Monzowho plays in the last PASO accompanied Facundo Manos in the JxC internship.

The dispute ahead of the 2023 elections not only implies an ordering between radicalism and PRO, this time the internal one divides the candidates more than the parties.

Bullrich’s photo is a gesture that shows how much of radicalism supports her. The president of the PRO traveled accompanied by the deputies Sebastián García de Luca, Hernán Lombardi, Laura Rodríguez Machado and Federico Angelini, and the secretary of the party’s presidency, Damián Arabia.

In the morning he participated in the Carousel de la Vendimia, later he had lunch with the Chamber of Argentine Wineries. “I have great hope in changing this anguish that Argentines are experiencing and that this change is really fundamental: in favor of education, security, inflation, the economy, so I’m going to play it,” Bullrich promised.

The inmates of the UCR

The national leadership of radicalism is in the hands of Gerardo Moralesaligned to Larreta and Elisa Carrió.

Morales also has an agreement with Evolución Radical, a space led by Senator Martin Lousteauwho will go as a candidate for Buenos Aires Head of Government in the PASO of Together for Change.

For his part, rodrigo de loredo It is part of Evolución, although it is close to Bullrich. facundo manes Play on your own and find your place as a hopeful for President. Alfredo Cornejo is the one who is more defined the president of the PRO.


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