Pato Filliol responded to De Paul after the controversy of “the best National Team in history”

ubaldo matildo duck stuffedwho was world champion with the Argentine national team in it world dmy 1978He asked not to get hurt among the soccer players after the statements of rodrigo de paulwho assured that the current national team is the “best in history”.

The multi-champion goalkeeper with an extensive and outstanding career in Argentine soccer left a message of peace and called for unity among the Argentine world champions: “Let’s not start hurting ourselves with those things, that do not do good to soccer, nor to the countrynor the players, let’s not hurt each other, let it end there just, that it has been a little controversy”.

“I as world champion also want to say: if you ask Mario Kempes and Alberto TarantiniThey will tell you the same thing, that the 78 is better. if you ask Oscar Ruggeri and Jorge Burruchagathe same, they are going to tell you that the one from 86 is better”, he remarked.

“De Paul has every right to give his opinion, the only thing is that it generates a bit of controversy if one says it and not the others,” the former was blunt River and Careersamong others.

Later, he highlighted: “I was very young when I was world champion and journalists asked me that question, a lot of times and I always said at the time and I’ll say it again, one cannot be sure if you were the best, the worst more or less”.

In the same way, stuffed He was emphatic and acknowledged: “Time, which is the wisest of all of us, time will place you in the place that corresponds to you. That was what I said and what I think. We will not generate a controversy and we enjoy God, we enjoy this wonderful World Cup that we won”, he concluded.