Parties in pools and nightclubs in Las Vegas: Ryan Reynolds’s gift to his Wrexham players

Wrexham do not stop celebrating their promotion in Las Vegas, between swimming pools, discos and bars. It’s about the club ryan reynolds and Rob McElhenney, one of the three oldest teams in the world that was acquired by Hollywood actors in November 2020.

The team won the National League, so next season they will play in League Two, which already implies being part of English professional football. This is why the owners of Wrexham took the entire team to Las Vegas.

After beating Boreham Wood 3-1 last April, Wrexham snapped a 15-year run, eventually managing to win the National League final, which sent them back to the lower division of professional soccer. Reynolds, famous for their role as superheroes in dead pooland McElhenney, spent $2.5 million for the club in 2020.

Players are received like celebrities in the city’s luxury hotels and nightclubsseveral places were decorated with the team’s shield and there was no shortage of congratulations on his promotion.

Ryan Reynolds’ gift to the footballers was a four-day trip to Las Vegas, where they drank drinks at the Wet Republic Ultra Pool at the MGM Grand hotel, dined at the upscale Hakkasan restaurant. Ryan Reynolds) and Rob (McElhenney) told us to leave our credit cards at home. They sent us a complete itinerary. A part of me doesn’t want to go, I could be dead at the end of the trip”, Paul Mullin had anticipated to the magazine G.Q. before starting the trip.

When the team arrived in Las Vegas there were fireworks and the famous DJ James Hype played, the bottles of champagne were distributed and the next night, they visited the Omnia Nightclub, inside Caesars Palace.

Ryan Reynolds’ Wrexham

The team gained many adherents, above all, due to the fame of Ryan Reynolds and his partner Rob McElhenney, and thanks to the documentary called Welcome to Wrexham on the Star+ platform that showed the intimacy of the team during the last season.

It is worth mentioning that it is the third longest-running professional club in the history of world football, founded in 1864, and after the controversy over the purchase of Hollywood stars in November 2020, the new structure became official in February 2021. .


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