Parrots sing and “converse” by video call

In case anyone is wondering, parrots can make video calls. This was done by a team of researchers from the northeast boston universityUnited States, who sought to develop a method to improve the well-being of birdsvery sociable but with frequencies supported by captivity and the loneliness.

The parrotsfourth favorite domestic animals of that country, have a remarkable intelligence that requires incentives not to get boredrecalls El País. Isolation “causes them emotional discomfort or even psychological disordersmanifested in self-injurious behaviors such as pluck out feathers or wander in circles around the sides of the cage.”

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Wanting to help repair the damage caused by our species, the researchers taught 18 cockatoos and gray parrots to relate the sound of the bell of a tablet with a video call. Later they educated them to ring a small bell. When their caregiver shows them the device, they choose with a peck which other parrot to call. In the conversations, say those responsible for the experiment, they greeted each other and even they exhibited the feathers as a topic of “talk”.

The happiness of parrots to be able to communicate

The birds enjoyed the contact, they approached the screen, support food for their companions and even coordinated sang. When one of them moved and disappeared from the screen, the other looked for him behind the tablet.

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Since the objective was to foster their autonomy, it was also could reject or abandon calls if they got stressed. But the analysis of more than 1,000 hours of recording, which included communications of five minutes on average, was positive. Among the main benefits of callsthe animals felt less isolated and improved their mood.

was also a experiment on popularity: the parrots Those who were contacted most frequently were the ones who later made the most calls themselves.


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