‘Oxenfree’ and ‘Afterparty’ Adaptations In Early Development At Netflix

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals and After Party – Images: Night School Studios

Oxenfree II: Missed Signals is now available on Netflix Games. Along with preparing for its release last week, it was revealed that some early development work is underway to bring two of Night School Studios’ games to life in series or movie format.

Netflix first acquired Night School Studio in September 2021, when Netflix Gaming was still in its infancy. while the initial press release didn’t mention adapting its already released games into Netflix movies or series, there was speculation that it would potentially be on the way from the start.

The two games in question are:

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  • oxen free – First released in 2016, Oxenfree is a supernatural adventure title about a group of friends who unknowingly open a ghostly rift.
  • After the party – First released in 2019, this adventure game has you play as deceased friends Milo and Lola, who find themselves in a drinking fight against Satan himself.

News that the two titles are in the early stages of development for adaptations on Netflix comes via shack news who interviewed Night School Games studio director Sean Krankel ahead of the second game’s release at Summer Games Fest.

Much of the interview is spent talking about the second game and why they were sold to Netflix, saying that “the Venn diagram of how they approach storytelling and where they see the platform going and the kinds of things we build and towards where we’re going was kind of like a circle. Really nice overlap.”

When asked specifically if an animated series or a series is in the works, in general, Krankel said (we’ve edited and condensed for clarity):

“For both Oxenfree and Afterparty we are in the early stages of trying to develop them.

That’s one of the most exciting things, though one of the first things, but within Netflix, one of the things that’s been so exciting is seeing how much these different divisions promote by working together.

I’ve already been working with a couple of different teams there to start fleshing out what that might look like. So there’s nothing to announce yet, but it feels real, not like Hollywood BS getting stuck in limbo forever.”

Video game adaptations are nothing new on Netflix.

The streamer has partnered with all sorts of publishers over the years, porting some of the biggest gaming IPs. Video games already adapted on Netflix include League of Legends, sonic, DOTACyberpunk 2077 and castlevania.

Upcoming titles include assassin’s Creed, tomb Raider, Gears of war, bioshock, fragmented cell, and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Which of the two Night School Studios games would you like to see adapted on Netflix and in what format? Let us know in the comments.