Oscar Ruggeri hit Boca after the superclassic: “As we always won…”

This Wednesday, Oscar Ruggeriformer soccer player and current columnist for F90 (ESPN), chicaneed mouth Juniorsclub where he trained as a player, after the triumph of Silver river in the superclassic last Sunday. He pigheadedwho wore the millionaire shirt for three years, referred to his time as a player to joke with the xeneize team.

In the program pass with F12the journalist identified with River, Nicolás Distasio, asked Ruggeri: “You, who played in both clubs, Have you seen a team come up with a defender like Boca in the last three or four clásicos at the Monumental?”.

To which the former footballer quickly responded: “Never. What happens is that since we always won, I don’t know what the other team was doing…”.

Regarding Boca’s position at the Monumental stadium, Ruggeri ruled out that coach Jorge Almirón had asked his players “not to cross half the field”.

For her part, the journalist Lola del Carril He questioned who demonizes the line of 5 raised by DT on the River field, because when “La Banda” uses that approach, it is argued that it produces “game volume”, while in the case of Boca, it is called defensive. Admired by the attitude of his companion, Ruggeri told him enthusiastically: “Put the points there, to those men…”.