One by one, the proposals of the opposition pre-candidates for the field

This Monday, July 24, the president of the Argentine Rural Society (SRA), Nicolás Pino, received at the fairground where the Rural Expo 2023 is carried out, the pre-candidates for presidents of the Nation who sought to seduce the countryside with their proposals for the upcoming elections. But before the start, the head of the SRA took the opportunity to throw darts at him in relation to the latest agreement that is reaching with the IMF.

“We need an Argentina that is easier to live in and more predictable for our activities.s. And this predictability has to come out of politics and is built on trust. And if there is something that does not give us predictability, it is last night,” claimed the head of the SRA, referring to the latest government announcements on the preliminary agreement with the IMF.

For Nicolas Pino, “A measure is taken for a sector, which is detrimental to other sectors and that is precisely not what generates (predictability)”. “We understand the government’s need,” he said, but recalled that “predictability and confidence were achieved by taking appropriate measures.”

The rural leader thought that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) “asks for things” and the Government “goes out to try to cover it with measures that do not benefit the sector at all”. And he added: “What’s more, it’s going to cause, at this time, price differences for corn and it’s going to generate disasters.”

Agricultural dollar: the Rural Society and the opposition do not want “patches” for the sector

“It is not a measure for the field, it is an effect collected, purely and exclusively. Individually, there may be a producer who has corn in his possession, who can sell it and get a peso more, or the regional productions are going to have this window to try to defend their production a little more, but there is no benefit,” he stressed.

In relation to the presence of the pre-candidates for president in La Rural and their role in the sector, he stated: “Surely the future President will come out of these five. I could not understand that, in this area, the candidates to speak to the countryside from La Rural, do not take advantage of this opportunity they have,” he said. “It is an ideal environment for them to tell us what they are going to do with the most competitive and productive sector in Argentina,” he said.

Javier Milei and La Libertad Avanza: No withholdings, no stocks and no BCRA

With his usual verbiage, Javier Milei sought the complicity of the sector by indicating in his presentation, at various times, the distortions generated by multiple exchange rates to agricultural activity.

“In the event that Liberty advances comes to power, we are on the way to thinking about an exchange unification and total elimination of withholdings. If this happens, the sector will have tripled its profit”; sure. And he commented: “We understand that in 5 years production could be doubling,” he said.

Debate of Pre Candidates for president in the Rural de Palermo.

In addition, in a direct message to the ruralistas, he assured: “Don’t let yourselves put your hand in your pocket and continue to be scammed.”

“We consider the elimination of the stocks essential and the key is the elimination of the Central Bank,” Milei underlined when speaking at the 135th Palermo Rural Exhibition, and expressed that “the different exchange rate is over and the State’s repressive apparatus is over.”

noted that “The stocks are a violent instrument and unfortunately what it does is control their ability to consume.”

The presidential candidate will highlight that in a possible government of his “the withholdings will be used for the advance payment of Profits.”

Economy and the IMF announce an agreement in principle and estimate to close it in the coming days

“If I remove the stocks and remove the retentions, the profits of the sector rise to 200. It is a lie that it cannot be done for a fiscal issue. It is possible to eliminate withholdings, the exchange rate gap and that will be a huge boost for the sector”, emphasized Milei.

In your understanding, “The only thing to be clear about is that this implies a 180 degree change and that is not with the same as always.” “The only ones who are willing to make that 180-degree change that Argentina needs are those of La Libertad Avanza,” he added. “You have to overcome the stocks, the withholdings and still have 22 taxes left to pay,” thought the economist.

In another order, it rejects “this disastrous idea of ​​social justice, which is unfair because it supposes a different treatment in front of the law” for a sector. When asked about who will agree on the measures he plans to implement, Milei said: “My agreement is with good Argentines. I don’t have to make an agreement with jets, thieves and murderers. People’s problem if I gave power to thieves, jets and murderers. “

“If we continue on this path, we are going to be the largest shanty town in the world. I come to propose Alberdi’s Argentina, do you like it? Fine, if you don’t continue on the same path, they will break us all,” added the economist.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, without withholding but gradual for grains

For his part, the current Buenos Aires Head of Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, released a tool that gives him “added value” against his political adversaries and that aims at the management, to the years he has been in public activity. And on several occasions he recalled that the important thing is “how” the changes that the sector needs will be carried out, including removing the withholdings.

Among other things said that “unifying the exchange rate” is a priority objective of his administration, but He refuted those who say that this can be achieved “on the first day” of management. “When? It is not the first day, whoever comes here and says that he is going to unify the first day is not serious, because there are no dollars in the Central,” highlighted the Buenos Aires president.

Debate of Pre Candidates for president in the Rural de Palermo.

“The unification of the exchange rate is an objective, but for that it is necessary to rebuild the reserves of the Central Bank and recover confidence.” “These soap operas of decisions (of the Government) continue to threaten the credibility of the country,” thought the PRO candidate.

The JXC candidate also referred to the zero fiscal deficit and the need to achieve it in the first year. “We are going to reduce the structure of ministries in half, but that is not enough. We need people who know how to look at each game in detail,” he said.

“For the countryside, what belongs to the countryside and we must end this extraction of resources from the countryside of the Kirchner era,” stressed Rodríguez Larreta, who questioned that “the State has been a partner in the profits, but it is erased in the losses.”

After the last measures adopted by the Government, the head of the Buenos Aires Government hid that “everything will be checked” since -according to he said- “It’s not fair that they try to advance resources from next year’s budget,” complete.

“I offer work, management, experience and howthey will have no doubt that the field is going to be one of the great protagonists of Argentina’s recovery”, he added at the end of his presentation, before the round of questions.

Juan Schiaritti goes for the “Government of national unity”

He Governor of Córdoba and presidential candidate of Hacemos por Nuestro País, Juan Schiaretti, stated that it is necessary they “end the damn rift” and have a “national unity government.”

Debate of Pre Candidates for president in the Rural de Palermo.

“We have to put an end to the damn crack that hurts us so much,” stressed the provincial president, who spoke at the 135th Palermo Rural Exhibition. He acknowledged that there has to be “a plan for macroeconomic precision and a zero deficit” from the next administration.

for schiaretti, “There’s no need for a wild fit. It is necessary to avoid the overlapping of tasks between the national, provincial and municipal states. The energy subsidy and the deficit of public companies”, he listed as three points to avoid the adjustment. According to his view, “it does not matter if the company is public or private, the first thing is that it does not have to give deficit”.

“Enough of putting your foot on the field and enough of the agricultural withholdings”, He said in a nod to the sector that has been systematically asking for these export rights to end. And he touched on a sensitive issue, since some economists question whether these taxes can be erased with a stroke of the pen, given the high dependence of the tax revenues. “Withholdings can be lowered”, affirmed and assured that “Those who say that withholdings cannot be lowered for a tax issue are lying. Withholdings must be lowered on everything, the regional economies must be given a blow to zero and the rest must be lowered,” he highlights.

He was also in favor of “beginning to eliminate the stocks and go towards a free exchange rate”, so as to be able to “go to the inflation that” Uruguay, Brazil or Chile have “in two or three years”.

Patricia Bullrich, and the end of gradualism

The presidential candidate of Together for Change, Patricia Bullrich, affirmed today that if he wins the elections, he will eliminate “the stocks on the first day” of government, at the same time that he promised to change the look that the state has on the field.

“There is no possibility of not having total and utter austerity withouti don’t want to have investment and production in the field”, Bullrich began in his message to the sector that represents the productive engine of the country

So far this year, gross reserves have fallen by about $20 billion.

“The stocks is a pac-man who took 18 billion dollars in the last year that, instead of being in the towns, he left to keep a ridiculous stocks and has left a central bank with zero reserves”emphasized the former Minister of Security.

to your understanding“the trap must be removed immediately because if not all those who have to invest will be another year waiting to invest for the stocks to go away”.

We are going to remove the stocks and with legal engineering we are going to ensure that the economy does not explode “assured the PRO candidate, and in that outstanding aspect that she does not intend to go for gradualism: “If we remove the stocks in a year, we lose a year, we have to go with the measures from the first day “Constitution.

Debate of Pre Candidates for president in the Rural de Palermo.

And in this tour you said to the previous JXC management: “When we were too slow, the wagons crashed into the locomotive. That can’t happen to us again, we need to go very fast”said.

“Enough of looking at the field from an extractive conception”, stressed Bullrich, and assured that the changes must be made “quickly, with predictability, clear rules, without bureaucratic procedures and with the freedom to export.”

In this sense, the former national official announced that if she arrives at the Casa Rosada, a bill would result on the first day so that “no one can prohibit exports.” For Bullrich it has already been shown at other times that without retention the field grew. “Retention slows us down, prevents us from growing,” she assessed.

When consulted on how to remove the trap from day onedetail that will have “a number of dollars that will be obtained internationally“And that will be negotiated after the elections. Among other select things that Luciano Laspina, his adviser on economic issues, is working on.

He also referred to another of the agenda items, social plans. “They will become unemployment insurance,” she said, and they selected that the youngest should return to work after 6 months, with which in four years there would be no planes left in the country. He finally stressed that there will be “a model to lower social charges and to disarm a judicial system, because a trial takes away a company,” he added.

Lastly, the Minister of Economy Sergio Massa spoke, who opted for a moderate tone, far from confrontation and always seeking empathy with the sector by reminding them that he never had “a dogmatic or prejudiced confrontation” with him. Among other things, he questioned his peers in the opposition for saying things “nice for TV without being correlated with the accounts” of the country.