No. 10, captain and history of violence: who was Williams Plug

Alexander Williams Plug was found dead this Monday night and according to the first information, it would be a suicide. the young man of 24 years He went viral for a brutal video in which he is hit by a kick in the head to a referee in an amateur tournament.

The event happened on Saturday at the Estación 98 club, in Sarandí. An amateur soccer 8 tournament was played there between twelve teams. Tapón was the captain and wore the number 10 of “La Cortada FC”, team that faced “The Rejunte”.

But the match ended with the referee Ariel Paniagua receiving several goals and a kick to the head that knocked him out.

The kick in the head of a player to a referee in an amateur match

The 24-year-old was criticized on social networks, although his name had not yet been released. Even, He gave an interview on Telefé in which Dimitri was called.

However, this Monday night, after the referee made the complaint, according to the journalist Nacho Genovart, the young man would have decided to take his own life with a firearm. “They found his body on the train tracks., height General Paz and Heredia. The shot was in the parietal area, ”he explained.

According to the first information, after the statement of the victim of the kick to the head, the young man was going to be arrested for “aggravated homicide due to attempted treachery in the context of a sporting event.”

Who was Alexander Williams Plug

In addition to wearing the number 10, the youngster was also the captain of the team. There was even a photo of him with the referee, whom he would later attack, and the captain of the opposing team. In that image, the three of them are seen hugging for the photo.

Alexander Williams Tapón, the referee Ariel Paniagua and the captain of the rival team, “El Rejunte”.

According to the newspaper Clarion, Tapón is from the Agüero neighborhood, in the southern zone, and had a history of violence in other soccer tournaments. “He was kicked out of two tournaments before playing this one. They both kicked him out and to get kicked out of a tournament for which you pay a lot of money you have to send yourself a serious shita participant in the amateur tournament told the aforementioned outlet.

Before the news of the apparent suicide was released, the provincial Ministry of Security applied right of admission for life to the amateur soccer player.

The interview with Alexander Williams Tapon who said his name was Dimitri

the young man of 24 yearsidentified as Alexander Williams Stopperin his appearances in the media he called himself dimitry. “It all started like this: two minutes went by and a teammate of mine had already been hit and the referee didn’t take it. I was a captain, so I told him ‘judge, collect it, if you saw it, you were two meters away’. He told me ‘I didn’t see it’ and he didn’t charge anything ”, he began to recount in an interview with telefé.

“Okay, we kept playing, but we did a bad thing and he already threw everything at us: one jetoneaba, yellow. Other jetoneaba and I already wanted to take out the red one, that’s why I was already angry and I hit him, without realizing it. I already apologized, today we were talking with the referee. I tell you the truth, I cloud. When I rescued myself, everything was different and I asked myself ‘what did I do?’”, he explained.

What the assaulted referee said

The referee, Ariel Paniagua, he was hospitalized and this Monday he went to the police station to file the complaint. In an interview with Telefe NewsPanagua said:could have killed metoday I was in a drawer, my family crying for me and there is no context that justifies kicking me like that”.

“I spoke with the delegate of his club, a very good person who apologized to me in the best way, but an apology from the heart did not come out of himWhat he told me was ‘I did it in a fever’. I am a single father, what would my children do if he killed me? ”, Added the referee.

I feel sore, it was a very brutal kick. I did not expect this boy’s reaction. When I get the red card from 7, he headbutts me, I go a few steps back. And I don’t take my eyes off 7 because I thought the reaction came from him, but there I see 10 starting to throw his fists at me and he came to kick me and then I don’t remember anything else,” he said.

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