Nikita Mazepin will compete again in Formula 1 after his suspension

The General Court resolved in the last Russian hours to annul the sanctions imposed by the European Union (EU) against the pilot of Formula 1, Nikita Mazepinafter the war unleashed between Russia and Ukrainein February 2022.

In this way, the 24-year-old motorist will be able to compete again in the highest automobile category or in any other that enters European territory, as well as participate in events, trials or tests.

Yes indeed, labyrinth must compete under “another flag”, as ruled by the General Court of the EU. The motorist must compete “with a license from another nation”, they selected the ruling.

Besides he will not be able to do it in a team that has sponsorship relationships with his father or with any of the people who remain sanctioned.

The Russian had entered a sort of black list for being the son of Dmitri Mazepinwho was accused of belonging to the president’s entourage Vladimir Putin.

“I am very satisfied with the judgment of the Court,” he declared. labyrinth a TASS agency. “Now I am hopeful that I can resume my career. I will do everything possible to make up for lost time and I look forward to returning to the sport that I love and to which I have dedicated most of my life,” he concluded.