Nicolás Morgantini suffered a tremendous attack during the Estudiantes de Buenos Aires-Chacarita

without a doubt an act of violence is once again present in the Argentine soccer. In the afternoon of Sunday May 28, Nicolás Morgantini, a Platense player, had attended the facilities of the Ciudad de Caseros stadium to appreciate the incidents of the match between Estudiantes de Buenos Aires and Chacarita, a team in which his former teammate Gianluca Pugliese plays.

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The Squid footballer was in an exclusive sector for those close to the visiting team and During his stay at the sports venue facilities, he was attacked by some Pincha de Caseros fans.

The fact appeared a fracture in his septum in conjunction with polytraumatism due to the brutal beating by supporters of the local team. In addition, according to information from some possible media, all their belongings were stolen from his family.

For now, the footballer is hospitalized and under medical observation. Taking into account the serious situation, Platense published a statement in which he requested that those responsible for this fact be found. “We strongly repudiate what happened and demand that the corresponding measures be taken in the face of such a serious episode.”